Life is Fleeting

Summer break is here!  Have a feeling that this is going to be a challenging summer…love our son to pieces and he really is a good kid, but a 14 year old boy is just so much different than a 14 year old girl.  At least with Kaet I could go back into my memories and understand why she and her friends were acting the way they were and do the things they did, I’m at a total loss with this one. It’s going to be a learning process, that’s for sure!

Was so glad to see the month turn over to June, May was such a tough month and it seemed to drag on at a crawl.  At times it felt as though the month was just never going to end.  

Uncle Jamie passed away on the 5th, thankfully he suffered little and was only in the hospital about 24 hours when he passed.  He took us by surprise, we had a family potluck just days before and he was up and socializing, laughing and telling stories.  It really was a blessing for him to go as he did.

The toughest part was his funeral was more than a week after his passing.  Told my husband that if I go before him I want to be in the ground at three days max, it’s just so hard for the family and close friends in the days leading up to the funeral, not that the funeral is any easier.

This past Sunday was one month since his passing and also what would have been his 52nd birthday.  

Over the past couple of years we’ve had a number of moments that have made us realize just how short life is, disease, accidents, illnesses.  People who we know and love who have struggled with an illness for a prolonged period of time, who have dealt with a disease that in the long run took their lives and those who’ve lost their lives in an accident, at way too young of age.  We’ve had our eyes opened to just how precious and fleeting life is and that the dishes can wait if the mood to go to a movie with the family hits.  

There is a young girl who lives not far from here, 20 years old and living her final days.  Just over three years ago she started losing a lot of weight and just wasn’t feeling well. At first the doctor thought it was her gall bladder.  When tests were done a tumor about the size of a goose egg was at the base of her skull.  She recently decided she was done with the treatments, the doctors had told her the treatments could continue but it was time to think about quality of life versus quantity of life.  She decided to go home and spend her days with her family.  She’s planned her funeral with her family and is donating her brain for hopes of helping to find a cure.

We visited with this little gal, her sister and her mother last May at my niece’s graduation party.  Such a beautiful soul this girl has.  How my heart breaks for her family and so many times I’ve prayed for a miracle.  As with Uncle Jamie, I will continue to pray for the miracle until there is no time left.  

Hug your babies!  Love hard!  Life is only here for a little while, don’t sit on the side lines…get out there and live!


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