Walking down to the mailbox this morning, roasting and humid out already, reminded me of a time so many years ago when Kirk and I were still in high school, the summer he came to work for dad and brother on the farm, the summer we dated on and off because he couldn’t make up his mind between me and another girl (that’s an entirely separate story).

We were in the ugly/mugly part of summer, hot and humid and the main focus was keeping the livestock cooled as much as possible. Damn, how I wish mom had been a picture taker, what I wouldn’t give to have a shot of the two of us back then.

The Summer of ’89…dad was going to the VA in Sioux Falls for radiation treatments thanks to Agent Orange in VietNam (again, another story for another day)…Brother Bear busy elsewhere and Kirk being the man in charge of keeping things in order, well, actually that was mom, but he was the one doing the outside farm labor. But that’s not here nor there…

It was the major heat of the summer, dad and brother were gone so that left Kirk manning keeping the livestock from overheating….of course I was more than willing to lend a hand, you know, for the sake of the cattle and my sheep. Had nothing to do with the fact that I’d had the hots for the boy for MONTHS…nor for the fact that we’d gone out on a couple dates and then went back to his ex-girlfriend…

We spent the afternoons filling the water wagon and then taking it out to the cattle yards and watering down the feedlots, I’d drive the tractor while he ran the hose, making mud for the cattle to bed down in and provide at least some relief from the heat and humidity. That was the bulk of the day, fill the tank, water the yards, fill the tank, water the yards. Oh the fun! Especially when Miss Girlfriend kept driving past, watching us work.

Great memories of a couple days in the heat of the summer of 1989…helps that I got the boy!



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