Filthy Boys

Have a majorly pissed off boy this morning…such is life, teaches a person to LISTEN TO THEIR MOTHER!  Well, sounds good anyway…

I’ve been after Bubba for what seems like FOREVER to clean his room and bathroom, and I’m not talking CLEAN, I’m talking the basic cleaning up, bringing up both rooms to the level of being ready to be deep cleaned, dusted and vacuumed.  Shouldn’t be that hard, but he has put me off, put me off, put me off for so long that it would take me a couple hours to get everything gone through, garbage, dirty laundry and dirty dishes found.  I understand messy, I don’t understand complete pig pen FILTH….

Several months ago I gave up going in and cleaning his room up on a regular basis.  Being a stay at home mom I’ve always felt that was my job, but then I realized I was an enabler….the child doesn’t know how to do the basic “pick up your room” thing.  He’s been spoiled beyond spoiled to the point that although I know he can do it, I’ve done it for so long that he has the mindset that if he ignores it and me long enough that I’ll just do it and I REFUSE …he’s 14 and I seriously am now taking a hands off approach on his room, it looks disgusting from the door, can’t imagine the disgusting things I’d find under the four feet of landfill like piles from the door to the far wall of his room. 

This time I told his dad, he’s not going roping and he’s not helping you down the hill (my phras-ology of doing the farm work…growing up our buildings, ect. were down the hill from the house, so…down the hill) until the room is DONE…I’m tired of the daily routine, clean your room, clean your room, clean your room.

SOOOOOO, guess we’ll see what happens, he’s already pointed out that it’s roping night at Keith’s, guess we’ll see how back he wants to go.


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