Books For The Time Being


I am a crazy reader person, usually have several going at all times.  My mother is an avid book reader as was her mother.  The kids take after their father, they’d rather have their toe nails pulled out than read anything other than a magazine article.  

This summer I’m being the mean mom and an making Leo put in some reading time.  Normally we listen to audio books together while driving to school or back and forth from guitar practice and usually have a couple going at all times, just depends on our moods as to what we listen to. Our favorites are the Rush Limbaugh kids books and Bill O’Reilly Legends and Lies books.  

Anyway, I happened upon ‘the outsiders’ book last week while wandering through Barnes and Noble, think it will be one Bubba might like.  I’m on the Willie Nelson book, a couple chapters in and so far so good!  

When I do get a book for Leo to read I know to not just give it to him and tell him he should read, I do the mean mom thing and we have reading time together.  Knowing he can’t sit and read for an hour like I do, I set a timer and he only has to suffer about 15 minutes once a day.  It’s not a lot of time but at least he’s reading something and activating his mind for a bit.  

A mom has to try!  


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