Oma’s Crazy Daisies

Went out to attempt some weeding tonight and had to get a shot of Oma’s flowers.  Many moons ago she sent a bunch home with me to plant, so glad that she did!  The stone bird in the corner is another “here take this home with you, no one else wants it” from Oma’s house.  Didn’t know what I was going to do with the damn thing, but I think I’ve found the right place for it.  It’s grown on me.


Funny thing is, I lost them.  We put a new home up about nine years ago and I’d planted what she’s sent home in front of the house.  The ground settled later and the daisies didn’t come back after the guys refilled and packed the area.  Oma was gone by then and I was devastated.  I’m a person that is deeply sentimental about things like that.  

Then a few years later ONE clump came up.  ONE!  I quick like moved them away from the house and into what was then my pumpkin garden, figured I’d eventually figure out a safe/permanent home for them.  Well, they’ve exploded to say the least.  Recently I took a number of clumps to my sister and two cousins and a friend came and dug up several clumps.  

There is actually a brick border around the flowers, maybe three or four feet wide by three or so feet, can’t see them because, well, my guys refuse to mow too close to them and we’ve had so much rain I’ve gotten behind on trimming the grass and pulling weeds.  

This year I swear she’s messing with me…she knows I won’t let the guys mow over the flowers, so there are several clumps growing in the yard and a large bunch growing with my lillies that are NOT in the bricked area.  She’s jumping my border…just like her to mess with me!  AND, I love her for it!  She kept me on my toes the past few years of her life and she’s still doing it, AND it makes me smile!  


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