Doggie Daycare


My babies had to go to the doggie sitter while I’m gone on my annual trip taking mom and the kids on a mini vacation. Kirk won’t watch the minions when we’re gone, he just knows something will happen and he doesn’t want the responsibility. Not that I blame him…when I’m home and mention him letting the yahoos out to go to the bathroom, they take off for under the bed. It’s actually rather hilarious!

So, we are so lucky to have the best doggie daycare lady…a gal my sister went to high school with, one of her best friends in school, has a doggie daycare about 40 miles away, into South Dakota, but so worth the extra drive. We love Deanna!

She takes pictures during the day, prints one off to send home with you at pick up. She and her employees are the BEST, the only ones I trust with my minions.

Lord, I’ve been an animal lover all my life, HOWEVER…never would have thought I’d turn into one of those people, but I have, admit it….love my babies!

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