Well, sitting and relaxing, watching My Greek Wedding 2 on this beautiful/peaceful morning. My boys went roping and it’s only me and my minions.  

Now, my heart feels so….heavy and my eyes won’t stop leaking….there is a scene from this movie, several, so can’t recall which one…a scene with the little old grandmother, it hit something inside me and the tears started in…as at this moment….

I miss my Oma so much!  I’ve been seven years as a girl without a grandparent and God, how I miss that.  When it comes to your grandparents aren’t you always a little girl/little boy?  You never truly grow up in your grandparents eyes, do you?  

Do you ever feel like an adult when looking into the eyes of your grandparents?  I don’t think so…we’re always a little to them and we always feel like a little when we look at them….and then they are gone and we become that middle generation between our parents and our kids.  It really does suck!



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