Yearly Three Generation Vacation


Such a happy looking group, yes!?  This year for our annual “take Gramma on vacation” trip, we chose southern Nebraska.  I know, not too many people would chose the flat lands, but our Kaet lives out there and Gramma hadn’t been out that way yet, so we changed our plans of eastern Iowa along the Mississippi and hauled butts out west.  Kaet has two jobs, so hasn’t had the ability to come home since the first of May…it was time to go to her!  

We went out a day early so we could go to Minden to the Pioneer Village, Kaet wasn’t interested in going and I knew Leo would enjoy the old wagon, cars and farm equipment and I knew mom would basically like all the old stuff.  We only stayed a couple hours, didn’t make it through half the place, but we had places to go, people to see and were starting to get short tempered with one another.  

I tell the kids repeatedly that I know we always wind up getting irritated with one another, we don’t always want to do what others want to do, but we will continue taking these yearly mini vacations because when they are older they are going to be glad for these trips and have some wonderful memories they will carry through their entire life.


Many say that Nebraska is the most dull country to drive through, and it is when you’re driving along I-80…but where Kaet lives is absolutely beautiful.  This shot is fairly flat for the area she lives.  Lots and lots of pasture land out west, ground way too rough to be able to farm.  Don’t know how many times I’ve thought that I would have loved to have had places like that to ride horses when I was a kid, so many rolling hills, drop offs, places a kid could just run and run and run.  

We hit Fort Kearney the second day we were there and took Gramma and Leo to the Archway museum.  Amazing place to visit for anyone who enjoys history…you wear ear phones and just diddle your way through the place.  It’s amazing, you start by going up a very tall escalator (not my favorite part) and it’s 1830 or 1860, can’t remember…the girl telling the story is sitting in the rocks, you hear her story as you are going up to this entryway that’s a big movie screen.  You go your way through from that starting date and moving across the country and you walk through time until you get to present day.

Of course no visit out to Gothenburg can happen without stopping to visit the Swedish grave markers.  The first time Kirk and I went out there was 22 summers ago when I was pregnant with Kaet.  Such a sad and beautiful story.  These markers were made by these sweet babies grandfather.  


More than anything, on this trip we just spent time together.  The day we trekked Kearney we made it back to the hotel late afternoon and we did NOTHING the rest of the day.  We watched tv, napped, visited and just did absolutely nothing, and it was great!  

Sometimes the best time spent together is just spending time together!  



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