Monday 8. August 2016

Two weeks and one day until the start of the new school year!  WooHoo!  It’s about time, it’s getting harder for the boy to find things to do to occupy his time.  Not that there aren’t plenty of things to do around the homestead…he doesn’t necessarily like the ideas he’s given.  You know there are always weeds that can be pulled, mowing that can be done, bedrooms that can be cleaned!

We just finished our county fair…this year is the least I’ve spent at the fair, the least we’ve been involved in a long time.  Kirk was in the ranch rodeo and the regular rodeo and that was it.  Leo went two days and ran around with friends and went to the teen dance Saturday night, I went Saturday night and visited with friends until it was time to get Leo and go.   

Now it’s time to get my butt motivated and moving for everything that needs to be accomplished the next two weeks.  So much to do!  Pry going to need to sit down and make some lists, you know, so I can lose them….or forget about them!

Have a good one!


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