Wednesday 10. August 2016

Less than two weeks until school starts!  Woo Hoo!  Okay, I may be a little excited at the thought of the new school year…however, not excited by the thought of school shopping.  With Kaet it was easy peasy, with the boy…yeah, not so much.  Aren’t girls supposed to be the tough ones and the boys the easy ones?  It’s back assward in this family.  Kaet would wear just about anything I brought home, clear through high school…Leo started fussing and arguing about clothes back in kindergarten…he’s always been our more high maintenance child….definitely the wrong way around.

Last week we had our county fair.  Think this was the least time we spent at the fair in years…Kirk did the two nights of rodeo, Bubba went to the teen dance while I sat and visited with friends at the campers and that was it.  Part of me misses having kids involved in 4H and being involved with the fair, part of me does not.  It definitely is nice to not have livestock to worry about…making sure they have enough water, making sure they don’t get tangled with anyone else’s animals, worrying about kids getting too close and spooking livestock which could result in a kid getting kicked or stomped on…that I do not miss.  

The politics of the livestock part, I really do not miss…we live in a county where the same families win the highest honors more often than not.  We always made sure our kids focused on doing the best they can and having fun and learning more than the honors…just the nature of the county we live in.  Sucks for the kids that work their asses off and can’t afford the expensive show animals and don’t have their parents doing 90% of the work pre fair…the only thing they are really missing are the correct last names.  Well, the kids learn early, it’s who you are and who you know that gets you further in life sometimes.  

ANYHOW…guess I got a little long winded on that one…take care!


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