Monday Morning 22nd of August

Pretty proud of this group!  Long time family friend Brooklyn and nephews Colt and Tyler rocked big time at the Iowa State Fair!  This was the first year this group did this fitting thing, so that makes it even more amazing and awesome that they placed first!  We didn’t do 4H or show cattle, so only have a vague idea of what fitting consists of…So proud of these kiddos!

Leo, Kaet and Dallas at Crazy Horse Monument….a beautiful place to visit, very peaceful….well, not with the group of yahoos we visited with…had to keep it moving, moving, moving.  When we went with the kids a few years ago we went in February/March-ish…we took the time to walk through the museum and just take it all in.  Breathtaking to say the least…I find the Native American culture fascinating, absolutely love learning anything about the people and this place has it all.  BUT, with the crew of 11 this time through we had to keep it moving, moving, moving…

Now we are back to the real world, my brain is going in circles…school starts tomorrow and this ol girl is not ready.  We made it home from our trip on Friday night and I was knocked down with a head/chest cold, Saturday I was 100% down…yesterday I was well enough to get some running done.  Now it’s pry about time to get groceries, we are running on bare bones in our kitchen.  With school starting again it’s time to get back to the real world, start accomplishing things again.  


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