55 Hour Power Vacation

If you are going to vacation with us, well….if you want to vacation like normal people, don’t vacation with us, if you want to power through a mini vacation, join the group!

Way back a few months ago when the family started spending more time together because Uncle Jamie was in his last days, the seed was planted for a family vacation.  One aunt was saying that she wanted to go see Mount Rushmore and that her husband, The Godfather (patriarch of the family) had never been past Sioux Falls and pry never would….a small sprout extended from the seed that day and we harvested that sucker Wednesday morning…11 of the Dicks’ family headed out to the Black Hills.  We left The Godfather’s at 7 am on Wednesday and hit home about 10:30 last night (Friday).  

Being a cattle buyer/truck driver and construction guy since we were in our early 20’s, Kirk has spent so much time away from home that now he absolutely hates being away from home.  For several years when the kids were little we lived a five hour drive out into south central Nebraska and a five and a half hour drive up into Northern South Dakota, we’ve spent years on the road just running back and forth from home to wherever we were living at the time.  Kirk doesn’t like to stay away from home at all, he’d  drive 18 hours just so he can sleep in his own bed….we power drive wherever we go because years and years ago we realized just how much time gets eaten up eat time a stop is made.  Eating makes us tired on the road, so we seldom eat when we travel as well…..yeah….don’t think we’ll be invited on the next family trip!  We left yesterday morning from Keystone, stopped at a number of things to see as we headed back east….however, we didn’t stop to let people eat until just before 6 last night.  🙂  Like I said, don’t think we’ll be invited next trip.  That’s also what happens when people say hey, Kirk…you are the traveler of the family, we’ll follow you….they gave him control over the trip and as our daughter told one of the uncles the other night, “don’t give him control, if you want to do something, do it, don’t let him tell you what to do”.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there…we spent some time with the relatives we are closest with on Kirk’s mom’s side of the family…a brother and a sister, their spouses and one of their kids and her husband and then our group.  Uncle Jamie’s Memorial Vacation!  He was all about family being together and he’s the one that brought us together to even start the idea of a family trip.

Going though the over 600 pictures taken between the camera and cell phone, will post some later on.  

It’s just crazy to see so many beautiful things via nature during our trip, things that are so day and night from one another….the green prairie feel of the Custer Park and the stark BOOM of the Badlands…absolutely day and night from one another.

It’s amazing to see the differences in nature in such a small area, when you think of how large the earth is and how there are so many other things to see that are so different from our little corner of the world.  It’s definitely mind blowing.  

With that being said, this old gal really needs to shake a booty and get a few things accomplished, school starts in a few days and we aren’t quite ready….plus just getting done what needs to done after a trip….

Take Care All of Ya’ll



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