Scary Times

This is my folks’ neighbor’s place…that small section of barn on the left, that’s what’s left from the barn that ran the length of the feed yard, along the hilltop.

This would be my folks’ back yard.

Had a storm blow through Tuesday afternoon.  We didn’t see near the damage and devastation areas around our country and the world have seen lately via natural happenings.  We saw only four-tenths an inch of rain at our place and no wind, no damage…my folks are about 8 miles as the crow flies to the north and west of us, the neighbors are another mile west of them, mom and dad had two inches and nine-tenths, the neighbors hadn’t checked their gauge yet…my brother a few miles north of them had an inch and nine-tenths…in less than 30 minutes.  There was a lot of damage at The Hill (the little town I grew up in) and west of there, crazy damage.  No tornado seen, crazy ass straight line winds.  

We were blessed that there were no injuries or worse in this short lived storm, a sizable amount of damage but nothing that won’t be able to be handled in a few days…

Looking at the devastation from nature in Louisiana and elsewhere around the United States and around the world, Italy for example…scares me at times and makes me wonder about the end times.  This is just one of those times in history where it seems like it’s just one thing after another and then when you look at all the violence going on in our country and around the world…does anyone else wonder the same…God has had enough of all the BS going on around the world and is either giving us a wake up warning to quick acting like idiots or End Times…

Obviously we’ve had numerous times throughout time where natural tragedies have happened in short succession, boom, boom, boom, just one after another….each time (as far as my memory goes back), it’s made me wonder if it could be End Times.

I get it, not everyone believes in End Times, to each his own and there’s nothing wrong with that…but I grew up going to church every Sunday and I am one that takes the Bible at It’s word, and of course that’s my right as well.  

I pray for everyone around the world having to deal with such devastation in their lives right now, pray everyone affected will be able to find a way to keep walking forward, trudging along…and that soon things will start looking up.


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