Thursday 25, August 2016

Beginning of the new school year, beginning of renewed attempt to get my ass in order and work on forming a more goal oriented, ambitious, hard working ME!  

Oh, I’ve been struggling for years with being the person that I know I can be, the person that I want to be.  Well, maybe improving on what I want to do better and letting go of habits, ect. that don’t make me happy…that might be a better way of phrasing it.  

A couple weeks ago I discovered this group on FB, there is a website, Yes.Fit…you can join a “virtual race”, right now I’m on the Woodstock Virtual Race.  Basically what you do it sign up for a race, pay the fee and then log on and put your mileage in…each time an email pops up with a picture of where you’d be at that mile marker along the route.  Once you finish your race you get a medal.  

So far, so good…I am putting in more time on my feet, have even started to go on short walks each day.  I am so out of shape and I am really hoping this helps to motivate me to move more…Kaet is going to start, miles and hours apart, it’s something we can do together.  

There are so many neat races, excited to keep going and see what I can see!



One thought on “Thursday 25, August 2016

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