The Birthday Party

Well, Brother’s surprise party was last night…great party but have to say it was the shortest Petersen party EVER….the new gf had him in and eating and was packing up the place while people were still eating and had him out the door two hours after he walked in the door, didn’t matter people were still there and still showing up….yeah…let’s just say that Little Sister isn’t real fond of the new gf…..

Is it obvious I’m a little over protective?  Maybe a little defensive?  

Hmmm, there were a lot of friends that didn’t show up that are the type to show up at things like this and wondering if the invite list was gone through and gf decided who she didn’t want there….no proof, just speculation…hmmmm, a little over protective, a little defensive….maybe….

Brother and our aunt

Anyway….for two hours we were able to have a good party, quite the celebration with family and friends. Absolute craziness to think the first of us has hit 50…just doesn’t seem possible.

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