Tuesday 30. August 2016

Thinking I’m finally starting to find my school year groove!  Getting to the place where right before bed I don’t say, “crap, I have to remember to set the alarm for school tomorrow”!  Small steps, yes!?  Think the boy is starting to find his groove too.  Now if I could just get him to bring home some homework ’cause I’m a guessing there has to have been some.  I just keep hearing he has three study halls, reminded him that his favorite teacher and I have each other’s phone numbers and do text or call when he’s not doing his assignments!

Tried out Wayfair Mall last week…always hear the commercials and since I was having a hate/hate relationship with my couch cover thought I’d check it out.  Wound up getting a really nice king sized quilt to use as a cover, $48!  Got it from the UPS man today and have to say that I will be using Wayfair again.  Same quality as the quilt on my bed from Target that cost over $100.  

Decided to use this quilt on my bed and move the one from my bed to the couch, this one seems just a bit too wild for the living room.  The other is very similar, the colors are a little more mellow.  Very into the colors of the late 60’s/early 70’s now.  Have been slowly painting the rooms of the house, burnt orange, avocado, gold, brown!

With the start of this new school year I’m working on a few new routines.  I LOVE to read!  Most of my books are on my tablet and I read in bed at night while I’m getting wound down to go to sleep.  Have never been able to get into the whole book light thing, too much of a pain in the ass!  Found that the books I was getting for table books, ect., I wasn’t ever getting read, SO….after my alarm goes off the second time of the morning, one of the things on my to-do list is reading 30 minutes from an ACTUAL book.  

A few trips ago I decided that instead of buying cutsy things to remember the trip, I’d start getting books on the places we’ve been, historical books of the areas and that will continue building my someday library and then there won’t be stuffed animals or crap that will sit pretty on the dresser for a year and then I’m finding a little kid to give them away to. Finally made it through the Willie Nelson autobiography (awesome!!!) that I’d been working on most of the summer and have started on a couple books from our trip.

Now if I could just convince others in this house that reading is a good thing!

Have also been working on getting into a walking routine every morning.  The trip to Keystone made me realize that I’m in even worse shape than I thought I was.  Making progress…going a little further than a week ago!  Actually getting that feeling of wanting to go for the walk in the morning.  Right now I’m taking every little step forward as a positive step, no matter how small.  I am going to get out of this decade long rut!  

Now it’s about time to get going on my night time routine!


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