Labor Day

Labor Day Weekend has just about come to an end.  It’s about that time of the day to shake a booty and start preparing for the start of a new week.  I know we are going to be a day off all week, as is the norm when Monday is a day off school.

We’ve accomplished next to nothing this three day weekend.  Our farrier came over Saturday to show the three yahoos.  We’ve known Donnie since high school when we were all involved with chuckwagon racing.  So, since we’ve known Donnie forever, it’s an afternoon of socializing as much as shoeing.  He said it always takes him way longer when he’s here in comparison to when he’s showing for anyone else….hmmm, imagine that?

That evening Kirk and Leo loaded up and went roping with Kirk’s main roping partner and his boys.  I had the place to myself for a handful of hours and it was nice!  Got some dishes and laundry done and the house picked up.

Yesterday morning Kirk left early to go up to Mitchell, SD for a roping with Dave and Trey.  Kirk and Trey made it to the short go but come home empty handed.  No good.

Leo doesn’t rope except for fiddling here and there when the mood hits, not really his thing.  So, we took the Sunday to do the Sunday thing…not much of anything.  It was nice to flop around and accomplish nothing~just because it was Sunday!

Mid afternoon we went to my folks’ to get out and do something.  Dad was roping but we visited with mom for awhile.  She gave me a picture of my dad’s paternal grandparents, their wedding picture.  Very awesome picture!

On the way home I decided we should stop at the cemetery at The Hill to check out the damage cleanup from the bad wind storm we had more than a week ago.  They lost so many trees and had damage to headstones, some standing stones are lying on the ground. So sad.  Johnny and company are doing such a good hob, looks like they are about half through clean up and have made good progress fixing the fence that was mushed by falling trees.

From there we decided to run the 20ish miles to the city for Dairy Queen for supper.  Kirk wouldn’t be home until later in the evening, we why cook?  We like their chicken strips and chicken gravy!

Today we have just been hanging out.  None of the families on either side were up to having a cook out~so it’s just been us.

But now it’s inching towards late afternoon and it’s time to start thinking about maybe getting into second gear and get to moving.


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