The Trio

The last of The Trio turned 14 today.  Happy Birthday to my LuLu!


LuLu, Bubba and Sister Mary

2002 was a busy year, Bubba was born in January, Sister Mary Francis was born the first week of September and LuLu the last week of September.  LuLu is my brother’s youngest and Sister Mary the third of my sister’s kids.  

The Trio have recently gotten to the age of being irritated by our clumping the three of them into a group…someday they may change their minds~hopefully.  

I’m one of a trio/quad cousin group myself.  It’s unique to our family and I’ve always loved it.  Then again, the four of us are all girls…no boys included!  

Britton was born first in September 1972, our grandfathers were double first cousins (their parents were siblings, the husbands were siblings and the wives were sisters).  Heather was born next in October 1972, Angela in November and I bookended in January 1973.  The three of us are the daughters of the three brothers.  


Me, Heather and Angela

Unfortunately, even though we all lived close, none of us graduated together and that was something I had wished could have happened.  The three started school together, at least were able to go to school together for a number of years.  I tried so hard the past couple years of high school to be able to open enroll to the school the three started in and one still attended, it was only a mile further than the school I went to…I wanted to graduate with one of the group.  No such luck.  

Family gatherings were always so much fun, it was the only time the three of us really had the opportunity to spend any time together.  Dad’s side of the family never were the type to get together unless Oma ordered it.  We would be inseparable at Christmas.  When we were little I hated being the youngest, of course now that we are older, I’m tickled to be the baby of the group!

As great as it was to have that special bond, there was a downside.  I remember being told many times that Heather was an A student, Angela was an A student, was on varsity ball teams from Freshman year in high school.  The end of our Freshman year Angela’s mother passed away from breast cancer.  After Aunt Kay passed away, Grampa and Oma then added that Angela was great because she not only was an Honors student, awesome at athletics, but she was able to do all that while taking care of a home.  There were many years in high school and into my first year in college where I didn’t feel like I was as good as Heather and Angela.


l-r  The Petersen Girl Cousins

me, my sister, Bobbie Sue, Juli, Angela and Heather

I have made a conscience effort over the years to not compare the kids.  I try to as equally as possible compliment and encourage them all so they don’t get the feeling like one or two are better or worse than the other one or two.  I felt for many years that I wan’t as good as the other two.  My brother is good about it too, not just saying his daughter rocks but that all three do.  My sister, not so much…her kids are the absolute best at everything and she makes sure we all know it.  

Being one of a special group such as this is a great way to grow up.  Of course not the same as being an actual twin or triplet, but there is a special something about it.  An experience I wouldn’t trade for the world and hope that the current trio will feel that way as well someday!



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