(Marty and Kirk)

Two Friday’s ago the boys hit the annual team roping event at the Clay County Fair here in Iowa~the second largest fair in our state.  

This was the first year in YEARS that we haven’t gotten ugly mugly with one another.  Spencer is a couple hour drive from home.  We always take separate vehicles because I always wind up getting crabby before we even get there and usually get even crabbier as the day continues and I end up leaving early.  

This roping is a Round Robin.  The event is capped at 20, 20 headers and 20 heelers.  Each header ropes with each heeler, 20 rounds with 20 runs.  It makes for a long day, especially since there are no breaks.  The guys are usually pretty grumpy by the end, even when they’ve done well.  They are going to be pissed off about missing one that shouldn’t have been missed or a partner that missed that shouldn’t have.  Always good to take a second vehicle!

14292474_10210365959126169_227146179356711432_n(This is my Old Boy heading and no clue on who the heeler was)

Kirk did really well this year, 5th place.  This was the first year in a long time that he’d done very well at Spencer.  It’s all a crap shoot, like throwing a basketball at a hoop, just because it looks like the ball is going to go in doesn’t mean it will. 


(Grampa and Liz)

This past Wednesday evening the weather had finally held long enough for Keith’s arena to dry up.  Lately we’ve had just enough rain to keep the boys from getting to go play.  And this time of year they start getting nervous because the days are getting shorter and before long they won’t be able to rope outside anymore until spring.


(Grampa and Keith)

Haven’t gone to take pictures yet this season, the guys LOVE when I come to take pictures of them roping~they love looking at pictures of themselves.  One of the guys has a girlfriend that I can easily get along with, I’ve known her for years and years, but I just can’t stand being around her anymore than possible.  I’ve had intelligent conversations with her in years past but it’s obvious that she has chosen to go with the dumb blonde routine (she’s not blonde…well, not naturally blonde) in her older age.  She’s also a way a lot nosey, asking questions about things that are absolutely none of her business.

14264170_10210406762426226_7331019350644550694_n(Jake and Kirk)

Actually had a really nice time hanging out for an hour, visiting and getting some fresh air.  I really don’t get out as often as I should, especially with fall being here now.

14344191_10210406806427326_389102285982223889_n(Grampa and Liz)

14390789_10210406757026091_5457145442385297406_n(Kirk and my Emmett)

14368885_10210406754266022_152532794181635370_n(Jake and Kirk)



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