Great Great Uncle Tage



Oma, Cousin Shane and Grt Grt Uncle Tage….early 1970’s

Tage was born in 1893 is Aarhus, Denmark.  He came to America in 1915, my mom told me he came because he did not agree with what was going on in Denmark at the time and did not want to fight a war he didn’t side with.  With that being said, he signed up to fight for America and served overseas in the First World War.  

Tage never married.  For most of my Oma’s childhood he lived with his sister and her family, worked for my great grandfather on his farm.  From census records he also worked as hired man for other family members.  

Oma once told a story how once she and her older brother asked their mother why she didn’t marry Uncle Tage instead of their father, he was way more fun than their father was.  Apparently he would get down on the floor to play with the kids, give them horse rides on his back.  They didn’t realize he was their mother’s brother.

I’ve become more and more interested in this side of the family over the years, of course after Oma (the last surviving family) has passed away.  In years of researching I found very little on Ancestry, only recently after getting onto  My Heritage have I hit the jackpot on information on the Hojfeldt family.  We’re talking doing the Happy Dance kind of excitement!  

Some time ago my mom mentioned having Uncle Tage’s suitcase in the basement.  It was something left sitting in Oma’s basement, being it was full of pictures, she brought it home and put it in the basement.  Finally hounded her enough lately for her to go in search of the suitcase.  


I’d so hoped to find a picture of this great man I’ve heard so much about over the years.


Mom, dad and I poured through all the pictures and sadly none were found of Tage.  Not that we didn’t find many amazing pictures, we found some pictures that are so gorgeous and unfortunately most have nothing written on the back.  

I’ve gone through and put all pictures in a hardback book and have a brick holding the book shut and am in the process of randomly placing all this gorgeous photos in an album.


We assume this is from Denmark in the early 1900’s.


The back of a rare picture with writing…AMAZING!


My Grandpa Pete forth from the right, the other four are all cousins.

It has been so much fun going through these awesome pictures, most of who we don’t even know who are in the shots.  Definitely stepping back in time!  

Love and Peace!




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