Thursday 13. October 2016

Think I may survive!  Have been more down than up the past almost two weeks with sinus crud. Went to the massage therapist last Friday and she worked on my sinus’, did the oils thing and the ear candles.  Had hoped it would work wonders but it did very little.  Finally bit the bullet and went to the doctor Monday and was given a Zpak.  Tonight I’ve finally begun to feel a bit better, was starting to think it was never going to happen.


Little Miss Ruby Pearl has been my nursemaid, she makes me think of Nana from the Peter Pan cartoon movie.  Kirk is her person and she won’t even let him near me, she’ll stand on my chest and bark and growl at him whenever he walks into the bedroom.  Ferocious five pound beast that she is!  She follows me every step I make, while washing dishes or switching loads of laundry she’ll sit and stare at me like she’s telling me to get my ass back to bed!  Love her!  

Bubba John started with the hacking and gagging early this week, Doc started him on ZPak yesterday and he’s already sounding better and seems more energetic.  Back to school tomorrow!  

Love and Peace!


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