Monday 17. October

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the presidential election.  Like there’s that much else to think about when that’s about all that’s in the news.

I am center right, 20 years ago I was center left.  I make no qualms about it, I am a political junky and enjoy talking politics although I’m not always great at being able to spit the words out in the most eloquent way.  It’s frustrating for me to not be able to be one of those people who can easily explain why I think and feel the way I do.

When the audio came out a week or so ago with Trump and Billy Bush I pushed it off to the not important file in my brain.  The fuss that’s been and being made has me shaking my head.  Is it attractive to hear words that like coming from anyone’s mouth?  No, but when you really think about it, how many people talk that way with their friends, in private conversations in general?

I grew up in a home where people were always stopping by.  Several nights and mornings a week it wasn’t uncommon to have neighbors, uncles, friends of my folks stopping by for a cup of coffee in their way to the city (it’s a known fact my folks always have coffee on and anyone is more than welcome to stop in for a fill up or to use the back porch bathroom). Mostly farmers and cowboys, pretty sure I’ve heard it all.  Not saying that city people don’t talk the same, I just don’t have the experience of ever having sat around and visited with city people.

I know it’s “not excusable” to hear such language, but it’s one of those things that just IS. Maybe having grown up with this talk, I don’t bat an eye at it…for the most part it’s just people flapping their gums.  They say things around their buddies or people who are similar to them that they wouldn’t actually do, it’s bloviating.  In one ear and out the other kind of talk.

For example, my dad and several of his cowboy/farmer buddies meet every weekday morning at the local steakhouse owned by a fellow roping buddy.  Most of these guys are 65-75 years old.  We’ve all stopped in when we’ve been in town between 10 and 11 a.m.  My husband, my kids, myself.  The filth these old farts talk has long gotten old and thankfully my kids quit wanting to stop and visit with the Old Farts a long time ago, as did I.  The things they say are much like in the Donald Trump audio.

The thing is, I know these guys, most of these guys I’ve known since I was a kid and I KNOW that they are just blowing hot wind.  All these guys (the married ones) know that if they were to do any of the things they talk about, their asses would have long been kicked by their wives.  My father has never, to my knowledge, ever talked like that around my mother…EVER.  He knows better, but he knows he can talk that way with his buddies and I know my mother knows how they talk.

Back when I was in my early 20’s and the whole Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky thing blew up…I didn’t care.  My thought process was that his wife was the one to deal with the BS, not the citizens of the country.  I thought he was a good president, I still like him…his wife I’ve never been a fan of, even 20 years ago.

Hell, look back in history and see the personal lives of many other presidents.  Did the actions have anything to do with the running of this country?  Did the actions have implications in their marriages?  I’m guessing more so with the marriage.

Maybe I’m just sick and tired of all the BS in the media.  No maybe about it, I am.  I’ve pretty much stopped watching my political shows and the news.  Can’t stand listening to anymore.  We need to be worrying more about the terror going on around the world than something someone said in a private conversation many moons ago.  The dirty games need to stop and we need these candidates to be talking about the issues and leave the rest at the door.  We need the media to stop with all the BS, stop digging up dirt and playing up the stories on anything except for what matters.

This is serious.  This world is falling apart.  My 21 year old daughter has said she doesn’t want to have kids because this world has become too scary of a place to bring another life onto this planet.  Can’t say as I can’t understand what she means, I do.

Watched part of the second presidential debate between Reagan and Mondale recently.  Clinton and Trump need to watch this debate and then give us a debate similar to that one, without the circus.  Don’t we deserve that?  Give us the f’n issues and leave the dirty shoes at the door.


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