Thursday 20. October 2016

My redneck child, we nicknamed him Bubba when he was just a little guy, he has definitely grown into that name.  He has been a challenge, there are many days I can only shake my head and say that I just don’t get how boys think.  

About a year ago we bought an old ’94 Ford pickup and had it fixed up so when he hits 15 and gets drivers ed under his belt he can get a school permit.  We live outside of the school district and drive him to school each morning, he takes the bus to my folks’ farm after school.  

In May Kirk’s Uncle Jamie passed away from cancer, he was only 51.  A week or two before he passed he bought this red pickup.  One of his brother’s bought it and has kept it in his garage..he couldn’t let it go.  Yesterday Kirk went to his Uncle Steve’s for something or other and they got onto the subject of the Ford and how we thought Bubba should have a smaller vehicle for when he starts driving to school next year…the school parking lot is a bitch.  Uncle Steve asked if Leo would be interested in Uncle Jamie’s pickup.

Later in the day we drove back to Uncle Steve’s with Leo’s Ford F150.  We bought the Dodge and Uncle Steve bought the Ford.  Aunt Kathy had been after Steve to retire his old work pickup because it hasn’t been road safe for some time, so he has a new work pickup now.

Leo is so tickled.  He knows how excited Uncle Jamie was to have gotten this pickup and that it was his last big buy.  Leo adored his uncle and we all know he will take really good care of it.  

Boys and their toys!

I’ve recently come to the realization the major difference between Kaet and Leo at the age Bubba is at now. It’s something I’m actually rather amazed about.  

Kaet always had her group of friends from elementary school.  The girls were always going and doing, we had girls at our house on a regular basis.  Kaet wouldn’t stay with anyone though.  I can think of maybe three times she ever stayed with anyone other than family.  Whenever the girls wanted to do the overnight thing she would always talk the girls into coming here.  It was never a bother, we rather enjoyed the craziness and all that giggling.

Kaet’s friends were always pretty much cookie cutter when it came to interests, lifestyles, way of dressing, ect. All farm kids, 4H, FFA, tomboys.  

When we transfered Bubba to my old school last year Kirk was concerned that he wouldn’t fit in.  WC is a rural school, pry not quite 200 kids in the entire high school when I was in school…but we were also close to the city and even though a large number of the kids were farm kids, it was a very preppy and snobbish school.  I knew he needed a change from where he started school and where Kaet graduated and it was worth a shot for one school year.

At the end of last year we talked to him about whether he wanted to stay at WC or go back to AO and why.  He said WC, he felt like he belonged more than he did at WC.  His grades were definitely better and the teachers stayed on his case with his not loking to do school work, he was held accountable and teachers texted me if his grades started to slip or he started slacking on turning in homework, something that was allowed to just be at AO.  We’d never had these problems with SisterBear.

Anyway, this year this child has really come into his own.  Almost every weekend he’s staying with someone or one or two boys are staying here.  They are going and doing constantly, so different than the girls.  Never thought I’d ever get into the groove of being able to handle boys but I have to say that they are growing on me. One even calls me mom, all Kaet’s friends called me Mama Mel, something I’d missed.  

This group of boys are so different.  Town boys and farm boys, a couple who even where overalls to school.  So unlike Kaet and her friends.  I have to laugh at the complete opposites these boys are.  Some of these kids’ parents I went to school with and we ran in completely different circles.

Tomorrow after school is Just A Friend Lindsey is coming home to ride horses after school.  Dad doesn’t feel comfortable with it and said he would have said no.  Guess I’ve spent enough time with kids over the years that I don’t have a problem with it.  Her folks don’t have a problem with it either.  I went to school with her mom and uncle, my mom went to school with her grandfather.  She’ll go home when it gets dark, we’ll run her into town where she lives.  No biggie.  

Absolutely loving the change I am seeing in this kid!  He still makes me shake my head, guessing I’ll never understand how boys think think.


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