Sunday 30. October 2016

FINALLY!  Seriously thinking that I’m finally almost through this sinus crud I’ve been fighting for a month now.  A couple weeks ago had one day where I’d thought I was around the bend and then BOOM!, flat tire.  The only thing that makes me feel better about having crap is the fact that I’m not the only one, Dr. Cindy said they have been seeing a lot of what I have.  There’s something wonky in air this fall.

Having slept through most of October, really doesn’t feel like November should be two days away.  Loving that we are still having beautiful weather, we hit 79 on Friday! Yesterday I felt good enough to finally finish winterizing my flower garden and now Bubba is out doing the last of the mowing for the season.  Still have some weeding that needs to be finished and we’ll be done.  

Needing to seriously be getting some housework done!  I’ve been able to on and off keep up with the basics, but now that I’m feeling so much better I’m going to have to get down to work and get down to the filth that’s built up over the past month.  It’s just deciding where to start.

Getting pretty excited for Friday night…Kaet, Dallas and the grandpups will be home! Haven’t seen my girl since mid-August.  My mom turns 70 on the 8th, so this coming Saturday we are having a birthday party for her and my nephew who turns 17 on the 8th.

We won’t be doing the big thing like we did for dad, we knew before she even warned us no big party, that we would just be doing something small.  Mom likes quiet, doesn’t like fuss, so it’s just going to be mom, dad, the kids and grandkids…she wouldn’t be happy with anything else.  Cake and pizza!  Hanging around the house and visiting, perfect Petersen family get together!

Actually, going to get to see Kaet twice in November!  Kirk’s maternal side of the family is going to have Thanksgiving the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  Uncle Steve, The Godfather, has decided from this time on we are going to have a mandatory family gathering the weekend before Thanksgiving every year.  No one should ever have an excuse to miss.  

With losing Uncle Jamie in May, the family has realized how we stopped making time to get together as a family and just how important family is.  The Godfather took hold of the handle as patriarch of the family and he’s ruling with an iron fist!  His daughter laughs that we jump when he says jump.  

In all reality, we absolutely adore him and Aunt Kathy and would do anything that we could for them.  Our kids see them as more their grandparents than they see Kirk’s folks as their grandparents, they feel Steve and Kathy love them more, which is sad.  They only have the one daughter and I get the feeling that they see Kirk as more of a son than a nephew.  

Ah, family…you have to love them!





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