Monday 31. October 2016

Another Halloween come and gone, this year we had no trick or treating, no pumpkins…just another day of the year.  Didn’t miss not doing the trick or treat thing, it’s something Leo never did like to do, so we haven’t done that around this house in years.  Did really miss not getting the pumpkin patch put in this year, next year hopefully we’ll get our asses in gear early enough in the season to get the new garden plot tilled up before the wet season begins.  There are few things I enjoy more in life than watching the pumpkins, gourds, ect., come to life as the months creep past.

Had a productive day today, getting my energy level back up as I’m starting to feel better.  Did some baking, some laundry…rode out with Bubba to put salt blocks out to the far yards at my folks’ when picking Bubba up after school.  It had been years since I’d walked the ol’ feedline bunks…memories came flooding back.  Visited with dad and Bubba while they unloaded bags of feed, salt and mineral blocks from dad’s pickup before heading south.  Beautiful fall day to just spend some time outside and do some remembering!

Bubba and I did head down to Hornick to The Godfather and Aunt Kathy’s to drop a treat off for Aunt Kathy for Halloween.  He usually gets the treats, this time we treated her!  When we were in Mitchell, SD at The Corn Palace a couple months ago she picked up some candy corn salt water taffy and loved it and has been after Kirk to stop and get her more on one of his drives through Mitchell for work…he keeps forgetting, so I ordered her some and we got it in the mail today.  Not many things are more fun than to do a little something like that for someone you care for and see their eyes light up!  It’s the little things in life!

Two of Kirk’s younger cousins were down visiting at their grandparents, so we had supper with the family, showed the one cousin the pictures we took a month ago for his senior pictures, met the girlfriend, Leo played basketball with the other cousin.  We tried to get Leo to go trick or treating with Leah, but he wasn’t thinking that sounded like fun.  She’s only maybe two years younger than Leo, they are second cousins…told him they could go as cousins…he didn’t get the humor.  Funny is something that I’ve not been often described as.

Had a really nice couple hour visit with the aunt and uncle.  We talked about the uncle who passed away in May, his headstone was installed last week…about family and how we’ve all changed since Uncle Jay was first diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago.  We laughed, we teared up…had a really great night!  

As we went to leave Bubba said he was going to jog the 1/4 mile or so to the highway…had to take a shot and laugh…he’s jogging down a long driveway, between two just harvested cornfields, after dark, on Halloween…less than a mile from The Children of The Corn house!  You couldn’t have paid me enough!  Got to love him!

Love and Peace!

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