Sunday 13. November 2016

Watching Rev Run’s Thanksgiving Supper…watching Tia Mowrey’s Thanksgiving earlier this evening…really getting into the Thanksgiving mode!  My absolute FAVORITE holiday of them all!  All about family and food without the greed of what am I going to get and the frustration of what am I going to get everyone.  

Had us a great day today!  Did Gramma’s After Church Meal, breakfast for dinner.  My guys aren’t big on breakfast for dinner, which I absolutely love, so we don’t do but a handful of times a year.  Buttermilk pancakes and bacon!

The boys went roping after dinner.  This is the first year I can think of where the guys where the guys are still roping outside in November.  Towards late afternoon it was getting a little chilly, but wasn’t too bad.  Grampa thinks they might be able to squeek out going again next Sunday, there’s a chance of rain/snow on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday are looking good so far.  

As the horses were being put away my dad hollered at me to grab my camera, such a beautiful moon at 5:00.

This is looking up to being a good week.  The in-laws fly in from Port Orange, Florida on Thursday.  Kaet and Dallas come home from western Nebraska late Thursday night.  Uncle Randy and Uncle Eric fly in from Tampa on Friday.  The uncles don’t come home often, so it’s almost a competition to get as much time with them as possible.  

Visited with Aunt Kathy this afternoon, she gave me the list of things she wants us to bring on Saturday.  As of now the head count looks to be around 35.  Will really nice to have a gathering of happiness, this year the family has had too much sadness.  We do have much to be thankful for this year.  As hard as it was to lose Uncle Jamie, he brought us all together again after a split in the family that had lasted years.  He wanted the family to be a family again and he did it.  He is smiling down on this family!

Looking to be lots of cooking and baking this week!  


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