Thursday 24. November 2016

We had us a beautiful day in Iowa today for Thanksgiving.  It was a bittersweet day, a day without all the family, but a great day of love and family!


The two hour drive to my cousins’ couldn’t have been much better, it was gloomy and gray, but we didn’t need to bundle up in coats and didn’t have to fight any snow.  Couldn’t ask for much better than that.  

We were missing a lot of people this year.  Uncle Gene of course, but he was there, as we were leaving this afternoon there was a cardinal in the front yard tree, just one, the first one they’d seen at their place.  Felt like a sign to Aunt Kate and Cousin Sara.  

Mom and dad stayed home.  Mom works at an assisted living center not too far from here, she offered to be on call being the manager’s father is 92 and in the hospital and not doing well.  My brother and his kids went to a cattle show in Nebraska.  One aunt and uncle and four cousins and their families didn’t make it.  


The family made a great feast and we all absolutely ate way too much.  One of my cousin’s little guys said he just couldn’t eat anymore because his stomach was feeling squishy, so that wound up being the word of the day!  

The absolute treat of the meal was the goose…it’s almost like Uncle Gene knew he wasn’t going to be with us…Before he passed away the end of July, he’d ordered a goose for Krueger Thanksgiving.  Amazing!  He loved taking care of and treating his family!


Kaet wasn’t able to make it home for the day.  Last year her boyfriend came here to spend the day with us, so this year they spent the day with his family.  They were going to hit the road after his family function and come here to spend the weekend but they were so tired that they wound up staying out west and weather permitting, they’ll head east in the morning.  Hoping!  

Hope everyone was able to have a blessed day as well!


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