Sunday 27. November 2016

The girl made it bad to NebraskaLand safe and sound this afternoon!  Thanksgiving is officially in the books!  Now we have a new days before I dare to even think about Christmas.  I’m one of those people who refuse to even think about Christmas before December 1st.  In all reality, if I could wait until the week before Christmas, that would be ideal.  Way back when we were a young family I wouldn’t put the tree up until the 23rd and would take everything down the 26th.  It wasn’t because I was a Grinch, I love Christmas…but Kirk is and Kaet was born on the 26th, when she was little I tried to separate Christmas from her birthday and that was how I did it…Christmas was all taken down and put away before we celebrated her birthday in the evening.

Kirk and Kaet are actually both Christmas Grinches.  Personally, I think she decided to be that was because her dad was and it’s more of a dog and pony show with them than anything.  Kirk has gotten better over the years, think he’s gotten used to the fact that I so enjoy the spirit of the season.  I so love to do things for others this time of year.  I try to not go too crazy with the gift buying, try to keep it simple.  This year I’m crocheting scarves and infinity scarves for those near and dear.  

We always do Angel Tree gifts for four local needy kids.  Think that’s our most favorite thing each year, Kirk has even gotten to enjoy that part.  We dump our change into jars and then buckets throughout the year, that is the money we use for the needy kids.  The last two years we were able to get everything on the kids lists.  Such a great feeling!

Anyway…so for the next few days I’m going to work on getting the house in order…get back to the laundry and deep cleaning that I started last week.  Hoping to make leaps and bounds on working on the pigsty we call the basement.  I’ve gotten really bad about just taking things to the basement and setting them down and do the whole “out of sight out of mind thing”.  It’s now gotten to the point where something has to be done…there’s no getting back to the area where the Christmas things are kept.  I’ll admit that I’m a hoarder.  Things have just gotten out of hand and I can’t continue to ignore the elephant in the room!  Especially when Kirk went to the basement and saw the mess this morning and threw a fit, threatening to get a dump box and just start chucking…things got a little on the ugly side around here today.  I like to keep good memories, he doesn’t care about those things.  We are day and night in that department. 

Hope everyone had a grand weekend and best wishes for a peaceful and fullfilling week for one and all!


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