Wednesday 30. November 2016

Finn and I are taking in Christmas in Rockefeller Center.  Well, I am, Finn gave in and passed out on the foot stool.  He wasn’t liking that I had the computer on my lap, kept trying to hop on my lap anyway.  

We’ve had a variety of dogs throughout my life and these chihuahuas are so different.  Don’t recall ever having a dog that have thrown temper tantrums like these yahoos.  High maintenance!  But love them to pieces.  


Miss Ruby Pearl was the spoiled one this afternoon, got to go see Gramma and Grampa.  Was in a toot so didn’t grab her collar and she won’t stay in her car seat without being hitched in.  Yes, I said car seat, for the dog…keeps them from crawling all over while driving…they like to sit on the arm of whomever is driving and watch out the window.


Cut across the gravels roads, it was such a gorgeous day and felt the want to just take in the day.

I’m really dreading winter coming.  Today thought maybe it’s because I was sick and in bed more than not for most of the fall.  Fall is my most favorite time of the year and I didn’t really get to enjoy it.  

Had to laugh at Leo this afternoon on the way home from picking him up from the garndparents after school.  Turning up our driveway I told him that tomorrow I’d take down the outside fall decorations…he asked what I’d be putting up next…told him Hanukkah, he said real seriously, we’re not Jewish…so I said Kwanzaa, again…we’re not whatever that goes with… The child was so serious.  

Well, he should know his mother well enough to know that I like to learn about people from all over the world and work in a little of this and a little of that with our way of doing things.  Even when I was involved with the nondenominational youth group at one of the churches in our little hamlet, I’d add a little of this and a little of that to broaden the kids horizons.  Always good to learn, no matter how old you are.

Thursday 1. December 2016…Gypsy Rose got to go along for the ride when going to get Bubba from mom and dad’s after school today.  She wasn’t impressed with the 32 degree temperature.  She was tickled to go for the ride once the car warmed up but wasn’t thrilled to be at Gramma and Grampa’s, their house cat is snarly to everyone but mom and dad and she’s quite a bit bigger than Gyps, so she wasn’t about to get down and stay down. 

Once last day for the school week!  Ready for a break from the school week grind.


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