Uncle  Gene Popped In For A Visit.

A few days ago Kirk went down to the dungeon to put some water softner pellets in the machine.  It had been quite some time since he’d been down here and let’s just say that he threw somewhat of a fit.  He threatened to get a dump box and “Just start chucking”.  

I am a bit of a hoarder, not terrible, terrible, but bad enough. Don’t like to get rid of things of the kids that I think they may want someday when they are grown up and there are things from when they were kids that I have a sentimental attachment to that I don’t want to get rid of. There are things my mom gave me over the years while cleaning out her basement and although I’ll pry never use the knick knacks and whatnot, I’m not ready to part from them either.  Memories!  Same goes with things from my growing up years but not too many after over a dozen moves in as many years, many things were lost or ruined.  Things from our married years that have meaning.  Things that we were given of his grandparents and of his folks when they moved to Florida.  

Once upon a time I had everything super organized, but over the years the kids have dug in the boxes, I’ve searched for things and didn’t get the boxes put back together.  When Kaet was home in May she and her brother cleaned out both their bedrooms so I could paint and most of those things are still in the basement, waiting for me to get the second room done. Kirk has to finish the floor in the second room before I can get both rooms put back comletely together, plus Kaet doesn’t live here anymore and almost everything from her room that wasn’t clothes or shoes are in the basement as well.  The kids just dumped boxes all over without a rhyme or reason and that only added to the tornado decore.  

It’s an unfinished basement, I’m the only one who goes down…it’s were I have my Oma’s chair she gave me before she passed…I sit in it everynight while writing, crocheting and watching my political news shows.  We have a set of old couches, a tv, dish…and although it’s ugly, it’s my space and where no one can get into my things and mess things up and the boys aren’t subjected to my shows they don’t care to watch. I’ve just learned to not look at the mess.  

I’ve been telling myself for months that I’m going to start putting an hour on the basement each day and I never have gotten myself to get started.  However, after Mr. Temper Tantrum I decided it was time.  Plus there was no way I was ever going to be able to get to where the Christmas decorations are in the clear back corner.

I’ve actually been rather shocked at the amount of things I’ve been able to throw.  Starting with the kids pile from their rooms, GARBAGE…the children packed garbage…pop cans and bottles, wadded up pieces of paper, old candy bar and granola bar wrappers, dirty silverware and glasses.  Ridiculous!  Of what I’ve gone through so far, I’ve actually been able to throw away more than what I’ve kept.  Kirk has already hauled one pickup load to the dump and have another pry two loads ready for tomorrow.  

2 thoughts on “Uncle  Gene Popped In For A Visit.

  1. My wife keeps a broken dish, because it reminds her of some long dead relative. I’ve joked about it over the years, but she isn’t about to chuck it out. We lost her father to Cancer about 15 years ago, and she still has one of his caps down in the basement. It is one of those things that I would never consider throwing out, or joking about. Some things are like that, without explanation.

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