Great G&G (Hojfeldt) Kjetzner

My cousin Bobbie Sue called the other night about one of her daughter’s homework assignments.  Her dad is the family historian among his generation and I’m the family historian of my generation.  I do have to thank my Uncle Peter Timothy next time I see him.  His daughter called to ask him family ancestry questions…he told her to call me, he was too old to remember everything…he’s maybe 65, thinking he wasn’t wanting to do it and just tagged me!  He’ll get his 🙂  Good thing he’s one of my favorites!


So, the project was to go onto this Ellis Island website and look for relatives that came through there…this is my Great Grandfather Alfredand Great Grandmother Margrette (Hojfeldt) Kiertzner (Kjertzner).

These two crazy kids were married in Varde, Denmark and immigrated to the United States the end of 1914.  Bobbie Sue found the document that states they stepped foot on Ellis Island on 26. December 1914.  Our Kaet was born 26. December 1994…80 years to the date, isn’t that quite the coincidence?

12239575_10207854057130189_5898791520174202449_n.jpgWe always enjoy stumbling across little bits of information like that.  Gives a feeling of connection.


2 thoughts on “Great G&G (Hojfeldt) Kjetzner

    1. Mel Pete Post author

      We have a few old recipes my Oma has passed down from her mom. She used cream instead of milk until the day she passed. Mom said that came from her folks. Love watching any biography/historical show on the old Russia…interesting culture!!



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