Monday 5. December 2016

So enjoying spending some time in my chair tonight!  Went to Nebraska City with a friend today for a bit of Christmas shopping!  Up by 7 a.m., running crazy to get ready while Kirk and Leo were getting ready to get out the door.  We are really lucky that this isn’t an everyday thing…two bathrooms are not enough for the three of us.  Not sure, but one would think two guys could work with one bathroom, but what do I know.  

Most know I’m NOT a morning person, once upon a time I was, but that was before working night hours at Wal-Mart when I was a young newly wed and then kids and being a stay-at-home mom…I just work better at night when people are sleeping.  The Old Boy doesn’t like it, but such is life, not getting enough sleep is what I’m doing to myself.

Jo was here about 8 this morning and off we went.  It was nice getting to drive through Omaha after the morning work rush.  I don’t do Omaha well, I can get to the zoo and to where Kaet used to have dance competitions each spring and I can drive through on I80 and I29, but don’t actually like doing any of the above because I don’t do well in intense traffic.  Last time I drove through during rush hour and swore next time I drove through that I was going to put a sign up on my back window warning that I was a RURAL DRIVER!  God Bless everyone who can drive in the wall to wall traffic, my nerves just can’t handle it.

There’s a nice western store in Nebraska City.  Jo and I possibly went a little crazy!  We were able to make a good dent in our Christmas shopping though.  

We asked the people working as The Fort about a good place for lunch and they sent us to the neatest little tea room with the best soup and paninis.  We sat and visited and shopped a little more in their neat shop, tons of Christmas do-dads and what-nots.  Picked up three beautiful glass ornaments.

By the time we headed back north Omaha was starting to pick up, was a bit more stressful but Jo let me know when I could and couldn’t make lane changes.  

Kaet started her new job today, a big girl job with benefits!  She also started her last week of college today! Seems crazy that we have a child old enough to be done with school.

The really crazy thing hit me last night while washing dishes…Kaet is a couple weeks short of the age I was when I had her.  My mom and Kirk’s mom both had two kids kids already by the time they were her age.  It blows me away, she’s so young and I didn’t feel that young at the time Kirk and I got married and then had her more than a year-and-a-half later.  

We actually got married two weeks after I graduated from college. Thankfully she’s listened to me and my mother over the years, how to not settle down too soon, to live life a little before even starting to think about it.  I was 20, mom was 19, Kirk’s mom was 16, her mother was 15, when we got married and we all have thus far remained married to the love of our teen lives.  Of course Gramma Max passed away a handful of years ago.

I’m so happy to see how Kaet has changed over the years and so proud of how she’s turned out thus far and so proud of her mindset about so many things in life.  We worried when she was in junior high and high school and early college, somewhat of an airhead…sorry Kaet…she had her moments when it didn’t seem as though she knew up from down.  She’s made a lot of good decisions and we’ve talked about down the road and I’m so impressed with her throughts for the future!  

Know if she’ll only change her mind about someday having a grandbaby for me to spoil!  The granddogs just aren’t the same, although I’m in no hurry….have one of her high school boyfriends who has two little girls I can spoil at the moment!

With all that being said, suppose it’s about time to get off my duff and get a few things accomplished tonight.


2 thoughts on “Monday 5. December 2016

  1. Sorry but I just started thinking about “Omaha” by Waylon Jennings when you mentioned that city. I’ve even pulled out my virtual rolled up map of Nebraska to find Nebraska City. You know how it is, with those dogeared corners and the tears in the paper where the wind blows through? Oh and that bathroom thing? We still have the good old outdoors, if that bathroom door remains locked when Nature calls…you know? It’s nice to read about your life all the same.

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    • Funny, we were talking on the drive home about needing an actual paper map. The app sometimes like to send me on a more scenic drive that adds more than 10 minutes!

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