Thursday 8. December 2016

Had us a beautiful day in the neighborhood this afternoon, even with only getting into the lower 20’s.  Definitely a day we were glad there’s no snow on the ground.  We are still trying to acclimate to the fridig temperatures that hit early last week.  We’d been having absolutely gorgeous weather for so long, such a mild November, so it’s felt like a slap in the face when the temperatures just dropped from one day to the next.  

Was finally able to get into the massage therapist today!  Buggered up my back almost two weeks ago and although it was getting better after getting to the chiropractor last week, was still needing something done.  Wearing shoes with a good arch support helps, but I don’t like wearing shoes, so it’s one of those things where I bring it on myself. 

Starting to slowly get into the Christmas mode.  Behind on shopping and baking, however I did dig into the dungeon tonight.  Actually sorting through the boxes and getting rid of things that should have been ditched a long time ago. Don’t have a lot of room, and don’t like to have everything crammed together just to have everything out, so also going through and leaving some things packed up for use another year.  

In years past when we were renting and traveling and moving we usually had large homes and gathered a large assortment of Christmas things along with different styles of Christmas decorations.  When we bought our acreage I had to make due with a home that was really just large enough for us and not much more.  Rather limited on space.  You make due with what you have, yes?  Kirk just reminds me that someday it’s going to be just the two of us and we’ll have more than plenty of room.  He prefers smaller…one of the many ways we are total opposites.

The big issue now is Christmas with Kaet and Dallas.  With them being about a seven hour drive out in western Nebraska, and with Kaet having a new bank job and wanting to have time with both sides of the family, they are feeling up in the air, guessing not wanting to piss off either side.  I completely understand, we were in their shoes once.

About six, seven months before we married Kirk got hired with a packing plant in the cattle department and was moved out to Lexington, Nebraska…a good five hour drive away from home.  Two weeks after I graduated from college we married and I moved out to Lex.  Our first Christmas there I was working retail and couldn’t get off to go home, my folks came out.  The second year I was two weeks past due with Kaet and we couldn’t leave, Kirk’s family came out.  All the other years we lived there and up in northern South Dakota, we were able to come home because I was able to be a stay at home mom and in the cattle industry, Kirk was able to work anywhere he had his phone and the week of Christmas is usually very slow.

When Kaet was home a couple weeks ago my mom told her that Kirk, Leo and I should just go out because they went out when we were in Lex.  Kaet has been insistant that we come out and do Christmas with Dallas’ family.  First, they are not married.  The only reason she was able to get away with living with him and me not having a total and complete fit was that she wanted to stay out there over the summer because they had gotten serious but wasn’t able to earn enough to get her own place and at 21 we weren’t going to give her that money.  I’ve met the mom, sweetheart, have both his folks on FB so have gotten to know dad enough to know he is a nice guy and we would all pry get along, but they aren’t married, they aren’t engaged, they are playing house and like Ialready said, the only reason I don’t throw a hissy fir is because I know she can’t afford to not be living with someone, so I choose to go by the saying… out of sign, out of mind.

Second is the big one…and was able to get through to Kaet today on this…yes, mom and dad were able to take a weekend and drive out to spend a night or two with us, but they had my brother living a mile down the road and still working with farm with dad and they could tell Brother to stay around for the weekend he was on duty with the horse and cattle chores.  We don’t have that.  We have five horses and three dogs, the dogs can do to our friends daycare in South Dakota, but I can’t say as she’s open for Christmas, not that I can’t call and find out.  The major issue is the horses and the weather.  To find someone who we can trust to do the morning and evening chores that we know 100% is going to be there and with it being so cold, even with the heated waters, something could happen and there would be a frozen mess. It’s hard for us to all leave and go at the same time…when one of us goes somewhere it’s just that, one and the other stays home to take care of the livestock.  He takes roping trips with his buddies and Gramma, Leo and I go on our mini vacations from time to time.  Warm weather is so much easier when the horses are on grass and we need someone to come once a day and our neighbors can keep an eye out for if something gets out, for the rare occassion we all go away for a day or two.

She understands and she does have four days off.  That makes a big difference too.  It’s not like she doesn’t have any time off.  She can talk to Dallas’ mom and we can work out something.  When we lived out in Lex we often headed home on Saturday morning and headed back to Lex on Sunday afternoon.  It was a lot of time on the road, but our family was important.  If I was homesick we’d sometimes do that twice a month, once I was able to leave retail and stay home with Kaet.  

Ugh…the fine details of the season!  

And…I should pry say goodnight, I’ve rattled on more than long enough!


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