Tuesday 13. December 2016

Where has the month gone?  Wasn’t it just the 1st a couple days ago?  Pry about time I get my head out of my ass and start getting organized.  I look at my calendar and see that we are running almost every day this week, two days in and I’ve been to the city twice and have appointments the next two days there as well.  Don’t even have to guess, it’s obvious absolutely nothing is going to get done around here except for the bare minimum.  Really going to have to start looking at my book before making plans and double booking.  Kirk and I have been running in different directions for days and doesn’t look to change before Sunday at the earliest.  


So proud of our girlie!  She is a college graduate!  Has a degree in Ag Business and is in her second week of her first full time job with benefits!  After her first week she realized that she was no longer going to be able to work two jobs, which she has been doing since May.  She also realized that she isn’t going to need to be working two jobs to survive!  Such a strong girl!  So independent and such a hard worker!  Proud Mama!  

Good afternoon running with my boy!  Picked him up after school to run to the city for guitar lesson.  He was actually in a really good mood and didn’t get all grumpy with me when I ran through the usual daily after school list…what did you do in science, in math, in Ms. H’s class, ect.

While he was at guitar I drove up the street to Hobby Lobby.  Ran into a cousin I don’t see often and visited awhile.  Spent a little money.  Have been doing a little too much, spending a little money, lately.  Will be glad when the holiday spending is over!  

While on the drive home from the city Bubba even put his hand on top of mine while I was driving, he hasn’t done that in ages.  He humored me listening to Christmas music.  I’ve downloaded the White Christmas album from the movie of the same name with Bing Crosby and my favorite John Berry traditional church type Christmas music and some Pentatonix Christmas music.  He must be getting into the spirit of the season, or it could be the girl he’s been chatting with on the phone and video chatting (whatever it’s called) with the past few days?!

My most FAVORITE Christmas song/hymn of all time and this version.  I started singing this in my horrible singing voice to Leo the night he was born, it was the year round lullaby for him for many years.  Even in early elementary school years when he couldn’t sleep he’d ask for me to sing O Come for him and to not hum it!  Such a squirrel!  

Best Wishes to all!


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