Christmas 2016

This Christmas season I’ve really struggled with remembering the “Reason For The Season”.  Had some moments of feeling sorry for myself when I’ve had to tell myself to get over myself and remember the meaning of the season and just why we are celebrating.  Have had a few moments of wanting to break down bawling and once wanting to yell and scream and throw things.  

‘Tis The Season!

Kaet and Dal made it back to Iowa late Friday night.  They just went straight to my folks to spend the night and came home yesterday morning.  I had more than enough to get done for the evening and for today, but I made time to sit down with the kids a few times and visit and laugh! 

By the “skin of our teeth” we made church last night.  Brother walked in minutes later, after the service had just begun.  As always, pastor had a wonderful sermon and the kiddos had a cute little program.  Everyone behaved until lighting candles for ‘Silent Night’ when our extra daughter kept turning around and blowing out our candles…she 27, so I had to tell her she was going to go to hell for jacking around in church.  

In all reality, we are all always stunned when we don’t spontaniously combust when we walk into church.  We were really bad this year and last night was the first time since last Christmas that any of us went to church.  Well, except for Brother, he does go from time to time.

Afterwards we all headed back to our place for Oma’s futtjens!  We did them for the first time last Christmas Eve when we found one of my cousins actually had her recipe.  We decided to make them a yearly tradition on Christmas Eve and after doing some research recently, found that they are a common Christmas Eve thing from the area of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany that my paternal great greats came from.  

It was so nice, we had a house full!  Brother followed us home after church and mom and dad came after church where they went.  We turned on Christmas Vacation, ate futtjens and just spent time together.  We gave Kaet her birthday gifts, she turns 22 tomorrow…doesn’t seem possible.  

Gave my folks an early Christmas gift, a stuffed life sized stuffed dog…they lost their 12 year old dog the day after Thanksgiving, dad wants to get another, mom does not…there’s a long story that goes with and being told not to get them live animals anymore.  I’m the youngest, I tend to be naughty from time to time!

Usually Brother Bear hits the bar crawl on Christmas Eve, this year he stayed around and watched a movie and thought about crashing.  His kids always spend Christmas Eve with their mother, he’s all about his kids, so I know it’s always tough for him.  I like being able to bring him into our annual doings of the night.

We started Christmas at my folks about 1 today.  Think it was at least 4 before everyone arrived.  Seems I forgot to tell The Sister that the time changed from 4 to 1…that one is totally on me, I could have sworn I told her, obviously forgot during our almost nightly phone visits over the past week.  The adopted brother’s kids showed up early and their parents showed up later, they had two family Christmas’ today, the kids have more cousins on our side, so when they were done with their Grammy they headed over early.  

Kaet and Dal left for Out West about 7 this morning so they could get to his family gathering.  They didn’t make it until about suppertime.  Their pickup broke down almost half-way between here and there and had to wait until Dal’s dad showed up with a car trailer to haul them home.  Had to remind myself when my brother-in-law pissed me off that things could be so much worse, to calm my ass down.  Just so thankful they were able to get back Out West safely. 

We really did have a good afternoon with the family.  This year mom had us all bring snack foods instead of having a big meal.  It was nice, but we sure missed the big feast.  It was definitely easier.  Enjoyed bonding with my brother’s girls and our “other” brother’s girl and wife.  We played Go Fish, snuggled…was just nice!  The family had never actually spent as many hours at a family gathering before, we’ve usually “had enough” by two hours and start leaving one by one.  The teens hung out in the basement and watched a rodeo, the boys actually behaved themselves as far as we witnessed!  

So excited to finally get to sleep in tomorrow before starting back in on this house.  Told the Old Boy last night that I wasn’t going to go any cleaning up until Monday…it was the holidays and we could do crazy mess until then.  

Hope everyone had a good one!


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