Wednesday 4. January 2017

Have a new favorite song…

seldom do I listen to any new music unless I see one of my few favorites come out with something new…heard Bubba listening to this and my ears perked up.  

Was finally able to get some work done around the house today, was just me and the minions home and it was WONDERFUL!  Found that I have a kitchen counter and a laundry room floor!  Progress has been made!  Was a good day to be inside, we hit a whole 10 degrees!  

Broke down and took the tv off the wall and hooked up the WiFi DVD/blue-ray machine Kirk got for Christmas.  Well, I was cleaning and noticed it was still sitting between the table and his chair and figured it would pry be best if I just hooked it up myself.  Tickled that we can now watch Netflix and HULU on the television.  One of these days I’m going to break down and get rid of the satellite. Well, if I can convince Kirk to get rid of it, can’t believe how expensive it’s gotten…there’s no way we watch $200 worth of tv a month, Bubba maybe watches an hour a week and I basically watch FOXNEWS and any old tv shows that pop up.  

May finally have gotten Bubba talked into trying out wrestling this season.  Wrestling was always a huge sport at the school I went to, the sport our guys did best at.  For years I’ve thought Bubba would be great at wrestling.  The junior high coach is the same coach our boys had as a high school coach back in the day, he sent a letter home last month saying he would like Bub to think about going out, even if he’s never wrestled before.  He’s thinking about it.  Even asked to stay after school today to go to the weight room to work out.  Maybe he’s starting to turn around and has found his ambition and motivation that’s been missing the past few years.  You know how some kids can be during their middle school years, must get it from me…had a few years in the middle that I didn’t exert too much energy.  

With that being said, I seem to have found my get up and go!  Can’t say as to what has hit me, but have been feeling more ambitious than I’ve felt in I don’t know how long.  Really feels good for a change!  Have already gotten rid of two pickup loads and one dump wagon full of crap from going through all our storage in the basement.  Finally broke down and started throwing boxes out.  Kirk and the kids have been giving me a hard time about my box hoarding for years, had a deep freeze box full of boxes, there wasn’t any box I wouldn’t save!  Finally realized the why behind it.  For the first 11 years we were married we moved a dozen times and so many times we had a hard time finding enough boxes.  We bought this place in 2004, think it’s been long enough now to not have to worry about boxes anymore.  Couldn’t get rid of all of them, but pry ditched 80% or more.  The boxes were more than half the dump box.  

Well hell, suppose…it’s about that time.


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