Night Train


First off, nice ass!  Don’t tell my Old Boy I said that, comments like that tend to make him a bit grunchy.  (one of our extra daughters word meaning grouchy and grumpy)

This song always brings back memories of some twenty-some odd years ago when The Old Boy and I were in high school and he was working for my dad and my brother on the farm.  We didn’t have any trains around, but boy did we go off out in the night and we weren’t playing any guitars!  

Oh, I had the best intentions of being a good Christian girl, but in time I realized that we wouldn’t be hit by lightning and the plan I had for waiting until I married went right out that window.  But, that’s neither here nor there, is it?  

On mom and dad’s farm there’s a grove of trees just on the other side of the clothes line where we used to go at night after mom and dad had gone to bed.  To think of the hours we spent back there making out and him trying to get me to go further.  Took him several months to talk me into going out behind the machine shed and do more than make out.  The crazy things farm kids will do!

As time passed we made the rounds, his grandfather’s corn field, the old dirt road by his folks’ farm, the old guy’s field down by the river.  Oh the places we were able to find to spend a few hours on a Saturday night.  

The funniest thing of all, well, now it’s funny.  After four years years of dating we married, one trip back home we thought we’d hit a field just for the shits and giggles of it.  We got caught!  After all the years of field hopping in our dating years we didn’t get caught so much as once.  The one time once we were married….and by teenagers!  That was the last time for me!  

The joys of being young and fancy free!  And of being The Farmer’s Daughter!  


2 thoughts on “Night Train

  1. notthedane56

    If your story hadn’t been so real, it could have been made into a short (fantasy) story. You should consider writing some posts along those lines.

    Liked by 1 person


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