Saturday 14. January 2017

Finally bit the old bullet today and went and bought myself a new tablet.  It’s one of those things that I really don’t like having to do, like getting a new cell phone…such a hastle.  Now it’s having to sit down and get everything that I used on my old tablet downloaded onto the new one, looking up all the websites that I go to often and get them into the browser on the new one.  It was time though, the old one was hobbling along.  

The weather was surprisingly beautiful today!  We’ve been so frigid for so long and cloudy.  Figured it had to be nice out when the girls went out to the bathroom and took off running around.  Chihuahuas don’t like the cold and just getting them to go out to the bathroom has been a struggle.  Thankfully they are pee pad trained!  

The sun was beating down hard this afternoon, felt so good!  The car told me on the way to town that it was a few degrees above freezing, so I took the advantage and stopped at the car wash and vacuumed all the hay out of the car and ran it through the hand wash bay.  

The boys went into Nebraska for a team roping this afternoon.  Kirk won on the heading side and our friend friend Marty on the healing side.  Bubba even made $30 running the cattle chute.  The boys came home in a good mood!

Think we have everything we need now for the impending ice/snow storm that supposed to hit tomorrow afternoon.  We had rain this past Tuesday and wound up with a tenth of an inch of ice, schools were called off.  There were a number of semis in the ditch on the interstate.  The forecast is for anywhere from a tenth to a quarter of an inch of ice this time around, along with one to three inches of snow.  We are on the northern edge of the cell so hoping it misses us!

Now, onto the inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday!  Hoping things go well.  So tired of all the BS that’s been going on, time for the left to calm down and deal with life…like those of us who didn’t like Mr. Obama’s liberal ways.  Just hoping he keeps to his promises, it’s time for trying something different, at least in my opinion.

Best Wish to All!


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