Tuesday 8. February 2017

Have a major case of the spring fever going on…we’ve gotten to the point of winter where we’re going to more than likely have more nice days than yuck days, really ready for the more nice days!

The minions are wanting for the nicer weather too, little dogs are definitely NOT made for cold and snow.  
Thankfully we’ve been having some really nice days.  Yesterday we hit 48 F, today we were in the 30’s, 20’s tomorrow.  We’ve been able to get rid of most of the snow though, trying to stay positive!
Our girl was able to make it home over the weekend!  Was a costly weekend too.  Seems to be the way it goes…had a nice time though!  Now that she’s working a full-time job it isn’t so easy for her to get home and I’m just a really bad traveler, so we haven’t gotten out to see her much either.  Okay, not at all since summer.  We suck!  

Motivation this week sucks thus far!  Feel like I’ve been moving but not much of anything has been accomplished.  Needing a swift kick in the butt!  


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