Wednesday 8. February 2017

Having one of those weeks.  Thinking I need to run away, maybe somewhere warm?  Oh hell, as long as no one can find me, guess it doesn’t really matter where!  

Long story short, Kaet wound up taking my jeep back to NebraskaLand with her this past weekend.  She’s wanting something more economical and roomy to drive on their trips home with the dogs and her pickup just wasn’t hitting either of those points.  

She was given the pickup to take to college and was told that if she graduated it would be her graduation gift to with as she pleased.  She graduated in December and we hadn’t signed off on the title yet, was waiting for her to decide if she was going to keep or trade it and to save up for licensing now that she has a full time job.  

Over the past number of months we’ve come to the realization that we’ve outgrown my jeep.  I downsized after Kaet went off to college, thinking I wouldn’t need such a large vehicle anymore. It’s a great vehicle, just not great with these tall boys I have riding along from time to time and not so great for going on our little overnight trips.  I do pack everything including the kitchen sink, even if only going to be gone overnight.  I have to have options!  It could rain or snow, be sweatshirt and coat or t-shirt weather…just never know.  

So, while home it was decided that Kaet wanted the jeep.  So now it’s vehicle shopping time…I’d much rather go to the dentist to get a tooth pulled or drilled on than go vehicle shopping.  Put me out of my misery now!  

Kirk thinks I should get a pickup and have a cover put on the back…he has two pickups and Leo has one and at the moment we have Kaet’s until we trade it off.  Do we really need another pickup?  I’ve had them in the past and like them and with the cover on the bed makes traveling easy…but, do we really need another pickup?  If I get a SUV he wants to make sure it’s something he doesn’t have to get down in like with the jeep. Doesn’t really matter, we’ve had big, medium sized and smaller SUV’s, he hasn’t liked any and we had almost always wound up taking one of his pickups on little trips if no rain has been in the forecast.  But he tells me to get what I’d like.  

We did go into the city to the Ford dealership this afternoon, he’d like me to stick with a Ford being the pickup we have to trade in is a Ford and figures that’s where we’ll get the best trade in.  I did find a pickup with the tonto cover over the bed that I liked, not loved, but liked…but they didn’t want to give a trade in price that Kirk would even consider, it’s only four or five years old.  My keeping the pickup is not something I want to do, didn’t like it when he first got it for his work vehicle.  

I really, really, really don’t like shopping for vehicles!


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