Done Shopping!

The ol’ ass is dragging tonight!  Spent most of the afternoon vehicle shopping…thank God it’s over!  Found something I’m happy with and the boys are good with leg room and don’t have to crawl into.  

Had to laugh, after driving a couple different pickups and liking both but not being wowed, the older fellow helping asked about what colors I liked?  From his response, guessing he’d never heard “not normal” before!  Have had yellow and have had orange…I like different!

Wound up bringing home a Dodge 1500 pickup in an interesting blue color.  Have never had a blue vehicle of any sort before. Always getting something different is good!  

Now we are home, Bubba went to bed, Kirk and the girls are watching a movie upstairs and Finn and I are watching some old McHale’s Navy episodes.  Time to relax!  


2 thoughts on “Done Shopping!

  1. notthedane56

    Can’t go wrong with a Dodge. I drove my mom’s 72 Dodge Dart Sport from The West Coast to Maryland, then it ended up in Denmark. My Dad had a Dodge as well.

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    1. Mel Pete Post author

      Nice!! My dad has driven Dodge’s since the early 90’s. Every few years he gets a new version of what he’s been driving….this last time we tried to talk him into a color other than silver, to no avail….he gets a joy from making me crazy….must be where I get it from!



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