Frustration 9.0, My Opinion

Quite some time ago I decided to no longer talk politics on FB, or to even comment on friends political comments.  Most of my friends tend to lean the same way I lean, the few who don’t couldn’t be any further apart if we tried and aren’t afraid to let those of us they disagree with know that we have our heads up our asses and are 100% wrong…there is no arguing with these handful of people and the only way to get them to stop is to just say, Okay Cody…we are just going to have to agree to disagree.

I love politics, have followed for most of my adult life.  I’ve been liberal, I’ve been conservative, but more often than not I’ve been just right of center.  There are a few things I agree with on the liberal side, they are few but far apart, but I will admit there are a few things.  I didn’t care for Mr. Obama, didn’t agree with most of his policies, but there were a few and was never afraid to say that there was the rare agreement.  I think give and take is good, that being 100% left or 100% right on all things isn’t a good thing. 

This crap that’s been going on in DC and around the country is more and more irritating the living crap out of me.  The majority of the media is making me crazy.  Just want to see the media report what is going on, give us the information in an impartial way and let the people make up their own freaking minds.  

 I was for Mr. Trump before he even put his hat in the ring to run.  He’s not perfect, none of the candidates were or ever are perfect.  My prefering him was and is my right as an American just as my neighbor lady prefering Mrs. Clinton was her right.  I didn’t look down on her and I don’t think she looked down on me.  We respected one anothers rights to believe differently.  

Why the hell can’t we respect one anothers rights to believe differently?  I like this person and not that person, you like that and not this…should it really be causing this much craziness?  Those of us who didn’t like Mr. Obama had to live with him for eight years, I didn’t slam him on social media, I’d have intelligent discussions with people willing to have intelligent discussions…usually we’d have to agree to disagree.  

I don’t know.  Not always good at explaining myself, what I think and believe.  Don’t have that particular gift.  

I think what Mr. Trump did today was a good thing, I’m guessing many disagree and that is what it is and that’s fine, I don’t wish to debate it.  I just think that it was time.  It’s time for all sides to come together and find a way to work together, give and take, and get some shit done!  I fear what is happening to this country and what can happen if something doesn’t happen to calm the waters soon.  

Did I mention that I like Nixon!  😀  Had to throw that one in just to get a laugh!

Peace to All!

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