In The Beginning #3

Sibling blow-ups don’t usually last too long in our family.  Within days of our little dust up, all was forgotten and all was happy in the world again!  

BUT, the following week was going to be an interesting one!  

It was haying time!  That summer dad had a lot of ground in alfalfa, seems like all we did that summer was cut, rake, bale, stack and repeat…wish I could find the picture of the enormous hay stack we had that year…it was taller than the barn and about as large.  Oma called it a pyramid.  

Dad cut alfalfa that week.  Friday or Saturday evening I went to Kirk’s town with a friend from my school to watch her little brother play little league baseball.  Kirk drove around the ball diamond several times during the game, at one point I told my friend that we should walk to my car and see if Kirk would stop and talk to us as he was passing.  

He didn’t…he just kept driving.  I stopped, put my hands on my hips and looked towards his pickup…he stopped and backed up.  He had a pink and white polo shirt on, it was pretty hot! We visited a bit, he was stalling going out to Renee’s.  

Later that evening Kirk called the house.  He wanted to know if my dad was out raking hay, wondering if he’d want Kirk to take over since it was getting late.  Dad was out in the field yet, Kirk said he’d come out and check on him.  

Talk about excited!  Kirk showed up not too long after…he lived maybe 15 miles away. He came downstairs, we visited until dad came in the house…he came down and visited for a bit and then went upstairs.  Kirk however…he stayed, in the basement with me!  

We “watched tv”…we visited.  I recall asking about his girlfriend, he said he’d fallen asleep watching tv at her house and told her he was going to go home to bed.  He then went home and called our place, told his folks he was coming out and if Renee called to tell her he was sleeping and they didn’t want to wake him and then he drove around town so there was no chance of her friends seeing him.  

At some point in the evening Kirk said that we should go out sometime.  When I told him that I wasn’t allowed until I was 18 he said that he was going to go up to my mom and say, “Lou, I’m taking your daughter out”!  Didn’t think he was serious.  That night we watched tv until all that was on was a Billy Graham service, and we watched that too.  He went home when there was nothing on the tv but fuzz.  You know, in the days when we had CBS, NBC, ABC and Iowa Public TV.  

The following week baling was going full bore.  We had Rusty come help, the brother of a friend…he wasn’t old enough to drive yet, so each morning I was going to get him and each evening Kirk was taking him home.  

Another long story, short…he had a major crush on my cousin Brookie and she had a mutual crush on him.  Brookie has always been more like a sister to me than a cousin.  

It was maybe half-way through the week when the boys came in for dinner before dad and Brother…while getting them their food they started chatting about the teen dance coming up in town at the end of the week, asking if each were going and if they were going, asking one another whom each was going to take.  It was rather hilarious, within no time I realized that it was a conversation that they’d planned before hand.  

Rusty had an ingenious idea, Kirk could take me (forgetting about his girlfriend) and then Kirk thought that it would then be a great idea if Rusty took Brookie!  I ran into the den and called her and she was squealing!  Only problem was that she was only 14 and I was only 16 and not allowed to date yet.  We swore the boys to silence and went to thinking about how we were going to get away with this date.

We wound up telling my folks and Brookie’s folks that just the two of us were going to go to Kids Day in town and to the teen dance.  We told the boys we’d meet them in town.  

Another long story short…the boys wound up getting ready for the dance at our house after baling hay all day, and having supper with us too.  Rather intelligently we all left for town at the same town, with dad telling the boys to make sure to take good care of us girls!  BUSTED!

Before the dance started we walked around the carnival and visited with people, there were quite a few girls who were pretty pissed off at me for taking Renee’s boyfriend.  Several guys have Kirk a hard time for dating the boss’ daughter.  

After too much dealing with Renee’s friends the boys thought we should get lost.  We loaded up into Kirk’s little Chevy S-10 pickup and went to driving the gravel roads.  The boys treated us to their grand air guitar performace of the song ‘Bad To The Bone’.

When the dance started we went back into town.  It started off great, dancing to pretty much every song.  Close family friend Jesse came up to us during one dance to tell us a lot of people were talking about us and Kirk dumping Renee for me and that my precious cousin had said she didn’t know Kirk had such bad taste.  Have to love how family stands up for one another! Gives a person the warm fuzzies!  

It gets even better!  

We were out dancing to Was Not Was ‘Walk The Dinosauer’ when one of Kirk’s best friends came up to us with his girlfriend (Renee’s bestfriend) to talk to him.  Let’s just say I wound up being walked out on, on the dance floor, without a word being said. 

Brookie came and sat with me, Rus went off to find out what was going on.  After what seemed like forever, Brookie and I got up to leave.  As we were leaving the community center, Kirk was walking back from the street.  Precious had shown up to the dance, saw us dancing and started bawing and ran out.  

Wish I could say that things didn’t get even better from there!

We decided to leave the dance and go out driving again.  The town cop stopped us for having too many people in the pickup, three seatbelts and four people.  Kirk told Bumpy he was driving us downtown to our car and we were let go.  

We went out driving until it was close to time for us to have to go home.  When we hit town Precious was waiting and started following us around town.  When Kirk pulled up to my car he got out, Precious pulled up on the drivers side of his pickup…he leaned in the window, talked to her, walked around to the other side of her car, she scooted over to the passenger side, he got in the drivers seat and off they went without so much as a word.  

Rus felt terrible.  He was stuck but knew we couldn’t wait with him because we had a curfew that was getting close.  Talk about a great first date!

So, off Brookie and I went back to home.  Hell, my folks weren’t even home, they had come into town to the Kids Day festivities as well.  Odd we didn’t see their vehicle in the big town of just under 350.  

Wish I could say that the weekend got much better.  I’ve told Kirk for ages that if I would have known the hell he would have put me through, I never would have gone on a second date with him.  Guess I was just a sucker for punishment!

Will be back for #4 soon!



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