In The Beginning #4

I do believe I forgot about the middle of the night phone call from Rus and Kirk the night off our FABULOUS first date.  

Kirk knew I slept in the basement where there was a phone and that my folks were in town, so knew he could pull off calling at 2:00 in the morning.  Who calls someone in the middle of the night after taking off with their ex at the end of a date with someone else? 

The phone rang and it was Rus.  Kirk felt really bad about how things had ended and was afaid to call himself.  Apperantly when Renee pulled up beside the pickup, she was bawling, he didn’t know what else to do….he thought we were just going to wait for him to get back.  Blah, Blah, Blah!  

I wound up forgiving him (again, and not for the last time) and agreeing to another date for Saturday night.  

After work that night he went home, got cleaned up and came back.  Mom and dad had taken off for the adult dance in town that night, my sister was gone to town for the night as well and my brother was home babysitting.  

Kirk and I went out driving.  Didn’t really do anything but drive and talk.  Back in the days when fuel was still cheap enough to just go out and drive the countryside all night.

At the end of the evening I walked to the backdoor with Kirk, he asked for a kiss goodnight, I said no…hell, I’d never kissed a guy before…didn’t want to asked, just kissed.  

We agreed to go out again Sunday evening.  He and his dad came over in the afternoon, we hitched up the horses to the chuckwagon and took to the alfalfa field to practice for upcoming races.  We finished, put the horses away and off they went without a word.  It was odd.  

I assumed Kirk was going to come back after going home and cleaning up.  My folks left for an anniversary party and I went down to the feed shed to sit behind the barn, watch the cattle in the feedlot and smoke, shhhh!  Time went and went and went without a word.  Something felt wrong.  

Don’t know how long I sat down at the shed when a horn sounded on the other side of the barn.  It was my brother.  Kirk wanted him to let me know that he’d run into Renee on his way home the night before and they’d gotten back to together.  F’er!  Who the f**k does that?  

I went into the shed and called his house, yes, we had a phone in the feed shed…his sister said he and his girlfriend had gone to the city to the teen dance club.  WTF?  I was devastated!

The next day he came to work like nothing.  Of course when he came in for dinner at noon, he was alone….GRAND!  Before he would eat he asked if I’d poisoned his food.  Damn, why hadn’t I thought of that!?

His story went as follows.  He was on his way home from seeing me on Saturday night when Renee pulled out on his gravel road by his house and stopped him…she convinced him into giving her another chance.  If I hadn’t already known she was a sworn virgin until marriage who didn’t even like “making out”, I’d have known what had gone on.

One great weekend!  My first date EVER, second date and all sorts of fun times with his ex!

Could things get any better?

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