Monday 20. February 2017

You know the saying “when it rains, it pours”?  It is pouring and hailing here and there’s no sight of any light at the end of the tunnel.  We were really hoping that after the crappy year we just had that life would make a turn this year.

We are passing the influenza around like we are passing a bottle of whiskey.  More than a week ago when Leo first got sick we thought it was a chest cold, Kirk and I had started coughing days earlier.  Thinking we only had colds we didn’t quarentine ourselves.  My folks and Aunt Kathy are all sick now too.  Antibiotics all around!

Taking Leo back to the doctor tomorrow.  Started complaining of a massive earache yesterday, so took him to our massage therapist this afternoon to candle his ears thinking it was build up from being sick.  Yeah, she said his one ear drum is white.

The worst part if Kirk’s dad went to the doctor last week, he has cancer in both lungs and in lymphnodes, he gets a biopsy done Thursday.  Fuck!  We’ve been topsy turvy for days with this new information.  We would love to go down to Florida, but Kirk and I have also been sick and have had low grade fevers in the past week.  

Now we are just waiting for this biopsy and then we are bringing him home.  When the folks moved down to Florida a handful of years ago we knew grampa didn’t really want to go but went because gramma wanted to live down there were her favorite brother was.  

We are hoping and praying things aren’t as bad as they seem.  This getting older and our parents getting older at the same time is really sucking the big one.  

The one positive…Kirk and his buddy Marty took off for a preplanned roping weekend on Saturday morning.  First was Bethany, Missouri and they did no good.  Sunday they hit Lincoln, Nebraska and Kirk won on the heading side!  Think it was good for him to get away for the weekend after the bombshell that hit on Friday.  

Lots of prayers for the week!  Things will get better!


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