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Funny thing, sat down and wrote last night and just hadn’t gotten so far as to log in and write it out yet…this popped up on my FB page earlier today and this goes with what I’ll be following this video with…..

The family and I have been following this guy’s videos for a couple years now and would have to say can’t think of one that I’ve disagreed with thus far.  

Sitting here listening to The Greg Gutfeld show and the crew are talking about “The Day Without Women” that happened this past week~it triggered a long ago memory.  

Thinking I was just still junior high age~my dad, brother, my grandpa and I were out at one of the family’s pasture grounds to do something with the cattle out of pasture.  We had three horses and four people~can you see where this is going?  

Don’t recall much but I do remember my grandpa telling me to get down from my horse so he could use Charlie, I was to watch the gate.  My dad told his dad that I was good where I was and he was going to stand gate duty.  

That wasn’t the first time my dad sided with me over his dad~nor was it the last. Dad never talked disrespectfully to his dad or made a big deal, he would basically just say that I was fine and could keep helping.  

Many a time we’d be down at the yards working cattle through the chute (vaccinating or treating a sick animal) and grandpa would show up and tell me he could take over, that I could go to the house and help mom.  Dad would give him a different job and tell me I was fine and didn’t need to go to the house.  

When I was a senior in high school and told my grandpa that I was going to study agriculture in college he told me I needed to study something else~agriculture was for men.  I didn’t listen and after my first year in college and learning how kick ass my grades were he told me he was proud of me!  The only time in life I remember him ever saying that to me.  Never again did I ever hear him make any comment about my needing to sit back and let the guys do the work out on the farm.  

Don’t misunderstand~my grandpa was a kick ass man!  He supported him family and was the epitome of an awesome grandpa~he just grew up in another time and with that being said, looking back to him and my grandma, she worked beside him on the farm.  Recall my dad telling once how when he was old enough to drive the tractor and feed wagon, he’d drive and grandma AND grandpa were both scooping feed from the wagon into the feed bunks.  

I wonder now if all those times grandpa wanted to take my place working cattle was because he wanted to help and I was the youngest.  I see grandpa basically having treated all us grandkids the same.  When it came to the college thing, I wonder if it was him seeing agriculture being a mostly male dominated business that he thought there’d be no job for me in the field?

When I was younger I didn’t see a lot of women out farming~I did see a lot of wives, sisters and daughters our helping on the farm.  When it comes to farming I see it as a way of life more than a career.  When cattle get out it’s all hands on deck and the whole family goes out to get the cattle in and then find where they got out and fix fence.  Whenever it’s a big job where many hands are needed it’s all hands out the door.  

When it comes to field work it’s the same thing, each person doing what they are best at or most capable of.  When we baled I wasn’t out riding the rack~I was helping in the kitchen to feed the guys.  I didn’t have the upper body strength to be out stacking bales~but if an extra hand was needed I’d drive the tractor with the rack.  

In college we were all treated equally.  The few of us girls had to put in the same hours feeding at both the beef and swine units.  When we were working cattle Ron and Ty (instructors) didn’t assign the jobs, we either chose what job we wanted or we rotated and each person had to do each job as we went along.  When we processed newborn piglets it was all hands~each person just choosing what they were going to do and we worked to get the job done.

I have no experience outside of my rural life~don’t know how it works or has worked outside of my bubble.  I watch  the news and read historical books and that’s my only insight outside of my bubble.  I just don’t see in this day and age anything that screams unfair~like I said~I have only limited knowledge.

Lastly~when it comes to the whole woman as president issue~I couldn’t care less…I vote for whom I feel I relate to most in my belief system.  I think the majority of people are the same.  I point to Margaret Thatcher who led England back in the day.  When we have someone like Maggie run for the office, we’ll have a woman president!  

But~that’s my opinion.  


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