Born Too Late

The past several days I’ve been thinking more and more that I was born too late in time.  This isn’t new, I get this feeling from time to time when it seems the world is moving too fast.  Technologically, when I see what the schools are teaching and no longer teaching and when it seems like so much of the adult population in our country seem less and less mature, among other things.  

My husband more or less laughs when I say I wish I lived in the early 1900’s.  Something about that time speaks to me.  Kirk says I couldn’t handle not having air conditioning, I tell him if I never knew of AC it wouldn’t be an issue.  I remember not having it when we were little or in some of the rental homes we lived in in our 20’s.  

I find the clothing styles of those decades much more attractive.  The celebrities of that time were so glamorous.  People brushed their hair from time to time and didn’t wear pajamas and slippers to the store.  People dressed up just to out and about.

Seems like back in the day people didn’t stay home like they do now. There were things to do.  On the weekends one could find dances, church or other various social functions.  On the rare occasion a dance is held in our area it’s a big deal.  

I love listening to the old radio shows from back in the day~Burns and Allen, Fibber McGee and Molly, Duffy’s Tavern, Father Knows Best, The Lone Ranger, The Shadow and so many more.  These were shows the kids could listen to.  

Movies were something else.  I love watching old movies.  It’s nice to watch a movie you haven’t seen before and not have to worry about having to quick throw a hand up to cover a child’s eyes or to have them hear the vulgarity like it’s no big deal.

People in large numbers still went to church with more regularity than now.  People who didn’t believe didn’t throw such fits to deny people or towns from displaying The Nativity or saying a prayer before a football game.  I’m sure it happened, but guessing from what I’ve read and seen on documentaries, not like today.  

Oh, I know life wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns back in the early 1900’s~just like life isn’t that way now.  Each time has it’s good, bad and ugly.  

There are so many things right now that I fear will continue making this country and world less Mel friendly~so to speak.  I’ve prayed for more tolerance between the different peoples of the world, tolerance for one another’s different beliefs and ways of being, we don’t have to like of not like the same things, but wouldn’t it be great to have these differences without others screaming, throwing fits or suing others because one person or side is wrong and therefore the other person or side need to be stopped, quieted, shut down.  That is something that has really been pissing me off lately.  

I could keep going~but won’t.  Wish I were more eloquent~able to phrase things better.  

With that said, I could so see myself as a 1920’s style Flapper!  


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