In The Beginning #6

The last month of summer break 1989 was like a dream.  I had the guy I’d been crushing on since January and I didn’t see or hear from his ex!  

Kirk would come to work all day and afterwards I’d ride home with him and visit with any family that was home while he showered and cleaned up for the night.  We were almost inseparable.  

The end of August hit and it was back to the real world.  I started my junior year at WC and he started his senior year at AO.  I’d still see him after school and on the weekends, BUT he’d be back to seeing Renee every day at school.  

The first week went fine.  The first weekend Kirk had a “guys night” with his buddy Bill and I had a girls night with my friend Susan.  Sunday morning there was a vibe in the air that made me uneasy~it only escalated when Kirk came over and had Bill with him.  Long story short, seeing Renee everyday at school had made him wonder~I don’t have to tell you, he wanted to give another go with Renee.  

Do you see a pattern yet?  

I was so heartbroken.  That fucking Bill, it was his doing, he’d been pissed that Kirk had time for him when he was dating Renee and didn’t when he was dating me.  

To top it off only the weekend before had I finally given in to the “if I were any other guy I would have already been gone” to my constantly saying no to sex.  This from a guy who had told me he’d been seeing an ex college girlfriend on the side for six while he was dating Renee because she was even more of a good girl than I was.  

I was so heartbroken in the days that followed that I had no want to eat.  I just went through the motions of living.  Didn’t help that at that time Kirk was taking a leave from working for dad to help his, uncle and grandpa on their farms.  

One afternoon as I got off the school bus he was driving out our lane.  Such a precious guy, leaving so he didn’t have to hear the shit he’d just stirred for me!

I walked in the backdoor and was met by my mother~mad as a hornet doesn’t even touch how mad she was.  Apparently a rumor was going around that Kirk was screwing a single mom~who was known to screw anything that moved.  He thought I’d started the story and instead of coming to talk to me~went to my mother.  I was informed to not do anything embarrassing or I’d never be allowed to go to his town and that no guy was worth not eating over.

Not long after I asked if I could take the car and go into his town to go to my friend Missy’s to swap clothes.  Mom said yes, but I was to go and get back.  

Don’t recall if I went there or not, I did go to The Game Room~the town’s teen hangout place~hoping Kirk would be in town.  Couldn’t call his home, he was seldom there and figured he wouldn’t call if I left a message.  

While at The Game Room I learned some information about Kirk and Renee’s goings on at school and that was about it.  Did hang out with two of the daughters of the lady Kirk was supposedly screwing.  While standing outside on the he did drive past and didn’t stop.  I dined around in town too long, my mom came looking for me, all she was “get your ass home”.  She didn’t say another word, message received!  

A Friday or so later while hanging out at The Game Room with my friend Susan, a friend of Kirk’s started chatting with me.  He asked if I wanted to hang out on Saturday night, why not, he seemed like a nice enough guy.  

I got the permission to spend the night with Susan the next night.  We went into The Game Room, both Kirk and Paul came in and both left without a word.  Susan and I went to C-Ville, the next town over where the kids went to “cruise the loop” and ran into Paul…we visited, planned a time to meet up with Susan again and we hit the loop.  

We hadn’t been driving long when guess who started driving opposite us on the loop.  Each time we met he and his buddy would flip us off and sometimes holler nasty things.  

At the set time we met up with Susan and she and I went to to their town and to The Game Room.  We no more get back to town and guess who was back in town driving up and down main street and this time with two girls.  He stopped in front of The Game Room at one point and motioned for me, Susan and I walked into the street to see what he wanted…he told me I needed to move on.  WHAT?  

The next week Paul and I talked every night on the phone for hours~long distance.  The more we talked the more he creeped me out.  By the end of the week I told him I’d gotten downslips from school in the mail and was grounded from the phone and from going out for the next month.  I’d gotten the downslips but hadn’t gotten grounded.  

A few nights later my dad and I had gone into town for supper at the bar because mom was working.  After eating I walked across the street to The Game Room, not thinking.  Paul showed up shortly after and I had to explain why I was in town while I was grounded.  Told him I’d call him when I was able to get out again.  

Wound up being a good thing I’d come up with a reason to not see or talk to Paul~he had a girlfriend~in this town~in Kirk’s class~and she’d found out I’d gone on a drive with Paul…she was not someone to piss with!  


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