Monday 17. April 2017

How happy are we that spring is finally here?  Holy Crap, thought March was going to last FOREVER….  Actually went to the local greenhouse today and bought around 10 plants, have never gotten going this early, ever.  We’ve had so much rain and mud and cloudy skies the past month that the two days of sun we’ve just had just clicked inside me today and just had to get out and get some things accomplished.  Supposed to be back to rain and cloudy skies tomorrow and for most of the seven day forecast.  Blech…

Tonight we’ve come to the end of Bubba’s four day Easter break!!  Back to school tomorrow! Excited!  This break wasn’t grand.  We had rain, the Old Boy was in a groove to get all sorts of things done outside and no one was doing anything right (you know, his way).  We had nothing going on for Easter and that was depressing.  Leo did get to go fishing twice with one of his friends, so at least he was able to get out and do something fun.

Thursday afternoon Bubba’s English teacher messaged me that he had to work on his autobiography paper and if I could help him.  We finally had the opportunity to sit down this evening.  I’ve loved writing since I was old enough to spell…seriously don’t know how I wound up with two children who don’t like to write.  Absolutely frustrating!  How do you get through to a kid to write like you were speaking, with a flow?  UGH!  15 year old boys who have no interest…how does one get through to them?  Just getting through to the boy that the story needs to go in chronilogical order makes me want to beat my head against the wall!

Anyway…looks to be a long week here.  Wednesday morning I finally go in for surgery to have a cyst removed from my hand.  Have put it off for as long as possible, ready to be done with the pain though.  Really wishing it wasn’t my dominate hand.  We have to do what we have to do though, yes?

Getting old sucks sometimes!


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