Sunday 23. April 2017

Feeling absolutely frustrated.  Four-and-a-half days post hand surgery, you just don’t realize how much you really use your dominant hand until it’s out of commission.   Damned thing is that the hand is so damned wrapped that even typing is a real bitch. Can’t get it wet, the stitches are supposed to stay completely dry, so….good times! Counting down the days nine-and-a-half left…at this point in time, half days count!

Took Ruby out today for another cemetery run.  Took about two hours at another local country cemetery this afternoon and made it about a third the way through.  Started in the old part, so didn’t know many of the old family names, but did find a few I knew.  

Have been working a lot on Kirk and my family ancestry the past two months and figured now was a good time to go and find some of our peoples.

Funny story, at least to those like me who go to visit the family at cemeteries.  A couple weekends ago we were at Kirk’s aunt and uncle’s and were talking about the cemetery in My Town where many of both sides of our family are buried.  I’d been to a day or two before to put flowers out for Gramma Max’s birthday and clean up the fall and winter decorations for spring.  

As we’ve done a number of time since Uncle Jamie passed away last May we talked about needing to get hold of the man in charge to get our plots bought being we just never know when our time will be.  Uncle Steve said where they wanted to get their plot, I said I wanted to get ours in the old section, such a beautiful part of the grounds.  Uncle Steve said, “why would you want to be there, you won’t know anyone to talk to!”  Kirk and Aunt Kathy didn’t get near the laugh Steve and I did.  Told him that he made a lot of sense!

Much Love and Peace to All!



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